I seem to have a bit of a problem so I'm turning to you guys to see what you think!

I am T2 diabetic, taking Gliclazide 80mg 4 times a day and Lantus 80 units each night. I check my blood glucose levels twice a day. 2 hours after my evening meal my BM is usually 8-9. So I give my insulin and take my tablet. However, sometimes in the morning my fasting BM can be as high as 7! Sometimes as low as 3.9!! What's with that?? Totally confused!! XX

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  • I take it you carefully control diet so it does seem odd. Some variation is normal but if you think that's too big you should go to GP. Have you looked at <Diabetes uk> There are some good resources but I'll leave it to you surf. TBH I would not worry. 3.9 is ok and is nearly 4 and 4 - 7 depending on your last meal may not be abnormal. Is that your normal? BUT I AM NOT YOU. A hypo or a hyper would be dangerous so if you are at all worried,

    GO TO GP . . . go directly to GP.. . . Do not pass GO do not collect £200. but DON'T PANIC

  • thanks fenbadger! I'm not worried, it can just be bewildering at times...I do try to control my diet, quite strictly actually, but I do indulge in the odd biscuit, bag of crisps, ice cream, chips, but this is only, say, once a month or so. I'll just carry on regardless and keep taking the tablets as they say XXX

  • Sue, I'm sorry to read about your sister. Stress is a huge factor in so many things and there's a lot we have no control over. I'm in 5 HealthUnlocked communities and stress/ anxiety/ depression is an all too common theme. They feed on each other and can trigger so much.

    You're doing all the right things, go for it girl. You're right,

    you don't have to punish yourself as long as those things are odd. I don't drink anyway but chips & ice cream, not on the same plate, clotted cream teas are in there on occasion.

    There's a bewildering amount of information out there and for all things I end up saying "All things in moderation". The feel I get from medical experts is we need a healthy balance diet. It's just we don't seem able to agree what one is. Those who promote superfoods usually sell it! NHS doesn't and doesn't recognise superfoods. And honestly if you looked into it yourself you'd find it's nearly rubbish. For example cranberries are good for you but there's other things with similar levels of nutrients, just not so sexy. It's basically low fat, low sugar, five a day with a bit of meat and dairy or some substitute if they're not on your menu. Simples.

  • I found the same thing with blueberries!! Fantastic superfood, but high in carbs!! I try to keep the carbs to a minimum and don't have anything with sugar in. I go for sugar-free or no added sugar stuff. I don't worry too much about the fat, some fat is good, but low fat foods contain high levels of sugar!! It doesn't seem fair does it?? All the delicious things are high in carbs or high in sugar!! My diet basically consists of protein and salads/veg/fruit. I try soooo hard, it's an ongoing battle isn't it?? XX

  • Everything I like is illegal, immoral or fattening!

    Backs up my point. We need fat, carbs sugar and protein. Just getting the right balance is the hard one! I do sympathise, it's a case of same boat!

    I noticed at a certain supermarket their own brand healthy living product often has more sugar or more fat or, worse, BOTH than one of their plain brands.

    That prog showed that we (and experimental rats) really like a mix of 50% fat 50% sugar and that's what the killer is. It's that butter iced cake or glazed doughnut, - or cream tea - doesn't matter if course if the flour is wholemeal :(

  • OMG!! Al of the things I like too!! I don't really have a sweet tooth, but a scone or a doughnut with an afternoon cup of coffee is nice now and again!! And I am a smoker!!!! Ohhhhhh the ridicule!! But like I say to people who give that sharp intake of breath - yes, I know it's bad for me, we all know the effects smoking can have, but it's MY decision and MY choice. My GP nurse's response to my smoking habit was - 'Ooh, that's the worst thing for a diabetic!' I thought it was the worst thing for anybody!!! :)

  • 'tis :P I don't eat doughnuts and keep cream teas for a real treat, and it's either/or, not both. . . .and. . . .don't enjoy it so much if it's regular anyway.

  • Blood glucose levels vary depending on several factors such as what and how much you have eaten,at what intervals you are eating,what is the level of your physical activity and significant variations in the daily routine and last but not the least,your emotional and and stress levels on a given day.You look into all these aspects and hopefully you will find the explanation by yourself.

  • Thanks venkat!! I find I'm not as able to eat a large meal as I used to be; I'm very overweight and trying to overcome this with smaller portions. I'm disabled so I'm unable to exercise. I know that's a big problem, but I can't do anything about that. I never realised my emotions and stress levels had a bearing on my blood glucose readings! I've learned something new today!! I am quite an emotional person and I suffer with chronic depression and have done for about 15 years now. I do take an antidepressant, which had to be increased recently due to the death of my younger sister.

    That has certainly given me food for thought!! XX

  • am Hakembo. am T2 diabetic. am on mettfomin. sometimes I feel bitter mouth and some pain in in the upper right part of the rib. some times I dream funny things. last time I went for a check up and doctor said the sugars had gone high. could this result into some serious problem? seeking for some one to advice me

  • You really need to keep your blood sugars within an acceptable level Hakembo. High sugars on a regular basis can cause problems later on. Do you take any meds for your diabetes other than Metformin? Maybe your dosage needs looking at again. XX

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