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Diet controlled diabetic


I think I am one of the lucky one's, I am type 2 diabetic but diet controlled for 7 years , my question is could anyone be diet controlled for ever or do people usually end up on meds .

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Have you been eating on the Low Carb High Fat diet?

What is your daily diet

jackjohn in reply to Harikishan

Low fat , low carb , only slip occasionally

Personally I don't know the answer to your question but I can't think of a reason why it shouldn't be possible to permanently control type 2 through diet as the main trigger, as far as I am aware is a reaction to a diet that is high in dietary sugars.

jackjohn in reply to Gambit62

Thanks for your reply gambit62 , my sister is also diabetic for 11 yrs and struggling to get her meds right , she is also good with her diet n not over weight , so I would prefer to stay as diet controlled as possible .

Gambit62 in reply to jackjohn

that's interesting - is there a strong family history of diabetes.

there are some genetic forms of diabetes - MODY - that run in family and if the onset is late in life are often mistaken for type 2 (mainly because GPs aren't aware that they exist - though they affect 2% of the population).

There is a variant that runs in my family that has onset between 35 and late 40s. Other variants can be very low level and can go undetected for years and can be controlled by diet but in general they are more closely related to type 1 than type 2 - impaired production of insulin rather than the reaction to high sugar levels in blood that is type 2 - this means they tend to respond better to different medications so it may be that that is what is going on with your sister if there is also a strong family history

I don't have the gene - was part of study trying that identified the gene around 2004 - though at that point I was getting to the end of the range - my brother does have it and developed diabetes around that time - and was having problems with the medication he was on but switched and that really helped. My mother always struggled with her sugar levels and was still on metformin until a few years ago, despite knowing that she wasn't type 2.

jackjohn in reply to Gambit62

Thankyou for this information but my sister was the first to be diagnosed in 2006 at age 43 in the family, but we lost our dad at 52 with a heart attack so not sure if it's Come from that side of the family , but it might still be worth mentioning to gp , thankyou again .

I've been diet controlled for more than 7 years. I think that most type 2s could control their diabetes and come off meds if they used the right diet. My diet has been quite low carb - what dietery regime are you following?

There is proof now that diet can even help people reverse their diabetes.

jackjohn in reply to Theziggy

Thanks ziggy for your reply I'd like to think I am on a good diet low fat , low carbs with slight slips now n then but not often.

Theziggy in reply to jackjohn

You sound to be on the right track anyway!


I have been type 2 diabetic for 15 years at least. Mine has been diet controlled. And since loosing 2 stone I have managed to make it better. I am on the Slimming world diet which seems to suit me xx

Hi Crystal thanks for your reply and well done for loosing 2 stone , when I was first diagnosed I lost 2 1/2 stone, apart from being late with a meal then i start with the dreaded shakes from inside out I don't seem to have a problem with my diabetes , so I am pleased to know if I keep on top of it I won't have to go on meds so thanks again Crystal for your reply.

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