Pre diabetes

Pre diabetes


Please see my last hba1c result which was 37mmol and the doctors have labelled this as pre diabetic on my medical notes (I have online access to them)

O checked on diabetes uk sites they state that pre diabetes is when the range is 42-47mmol for prediabetes and over 47 mmol for a diagnosis of actual diabetes.

Should I challenge the GP?? What are your thoughts?? They haven't even told me anything either it's just that I have seen this while looking at my records


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  • I would challenge the GP but also take note because your numbers look like they are going up. My late mum was and my sister is T2 so I was always pre-disposed to becoming diabetic too. After my children I put on a lot of weight and because of the family history my GP did regular blood glucose tests and warned me that if I didn't lose some weight and be more careful, that I would end up diabetic. I was complacent, because my result always said I was verging on pre-diabetes I thought I could avoid it. I didn't! I kept on going the way I was and didn't listen.

    Take the fact that he has told you that you are pre-diabetic as giving you the push you need to make sure that you don't stray over into diabetes. It is so easy to think it won't happen to you, fact is it probably will if you don't act now. It has taken me since diagnosis in December 2011 to get down to 6.3 HbA1c which I think is 43 so I'm nearly out of the pre-diabetic range, but it had to be done :) Good luck.

  • Thanks for the advise - I think it's time to start looking at my lifestyle - at the moment hypothyroidism and chronic pain prevent me from much exercise but I will try my hardest over the next few months x

  • If you have learned of this from reading your medical notes (how on earth have you managed to be able to read your medical records online?) then your GP in all probability has made a note of your current blood glucose levels simply so that at your next meeting he will be in a better position to assist you. Normal blood glucose levels are between 4.5 to 5.5 (I've no idea what that is in the American way of measurement). I spent over three years getting my blood glucose readings down from too high to measure to 10. That was very difficult indeed but achieved through my own management of diet, insulin coverings of meals and exercise. I wish you well.


  • Hi John

    If you are in the U.K. Then it is a legal requirement of your GP to allow detailed record access. Please contact your surgery for details. They are in beach of their contract if they cannot allow you to view your records unless it would affect you and that will be deemed by an questionnaire at application

  • Many thanks for that information. I am able to view my medication, order my medication and make appointments online but nothing more than that.


  • from April 2016 your record should also include allergies, test results and coded consultations. I've attached a link for you here

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