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Has anyone developed diabetes as a result of taking Prednisolone? I have GCA and PMR and started on 60mg of prednisolone on the 29th April 2015. I am now on my fourth attempt to get from 60mg down to 0. I controlled my diabetes by diet but this time my sugar level is out of control and my Dr want's me to start taking pills to control my sugar levels. What side effects has others had from taking pills?

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  • What is GCA and PMR ?

  • Giant Cell Arthritis and Poly Myalgia Rheumatica

  • Corticosteroid ,prolonged use can precipitate diabetes.

  • I developed 'steroid induced diabetes' about 18 months ago. Initially tried controlling it by diet, but had to surrender and take Metformin. No noticeable side effects.

  • Yes I developed diabetes 6 months ago after 6 years on pred due to inflammatory autoimmune condition, probably but not confirmed PMR. I have been trying to get off steroids tried many times, I know how difficult it is. Now on immuno drug that appears to be helping and reducing steroids again.

    I was put on metformin for diabetes and has been absolutely fabulous for me, I know it doesn't suit a lot people. My hba1c dropped from 75 to 47 in six months. They built the metformin up gradually over a couple of months. I haven't had any side effects unlike a lot of drugs I have had. My main problem is remaining neuropathy in my feet.

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