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How to change from allopathic medicine

At first sign of any virus – we take a drug/medication. The drug has been designed (mostly ‘lethal’ synthetic substances) to kill the virus or to suppress the symptoms of our condition. While doing that, the drug certainly affects other parts of our body (kidneys, liver, heart) due to its side effects. It is only one way street – there is no way to get allopathic doctors to see it differently – they have become drug pushers.

As I cannot really afford ‘functional medicine’ – what does one do to get relevant tests done with the view of getting to the source of the problem without forcing loads of beta-blockers or else down my body?

[All that doctors do is to increase my medications]

I only see it as a matter of collaboration – hardly achievable within those 10 minutes that are devoted to us by the GP. Up which tree should I start barking, please? Changing surgery is not a valid option, unfortunately.


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