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Recently I heard about a herb Sanjeevani , 'Selanginellla Bryopteris '' , which is said to be sanjeevani booty of Ramayana .This herb has bioflavonoids which act as antioxidants , anti inflammatory , anti cancerous , anti allergic , anti microbial , anti fungal , anti bacterial , anti viral agents It is claimed to be against UVirradiation , vaso relaxant ,heart booster anti hypertensive and anti clotting .It helps metabolic enzymes . If possible can you give the source to get that . I would like to experiment that on me since Diabetes is a multifactorial disorder and there is no cure for that except constitutional treatment in homeopathy which is highly impossible .

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  • It is said that tribals from Himalayan region and some dense forests have been familiar with that herb .

  • I have type 1 diabetes since 1988 apx. I used to measure with acucheck but now I prefer glucoman prescribed free by my GP. It has not a user friendly pricker but the test strip takes less of the blood sample.

    Where can you get the herb from? In my experience the alternative medicines do help with diabetic control.

    Sometime the medicine has opposite effect or other side effect. Someone told me that Ginseng should not be taken if you have blood pressure problem and opt for royal jelly tabs.

    The GPs have stopped prescribing too many test strips for type 2 diabetic but I like to control my diabeties and now and then buy my own pack of strips

  • The hunt is going on .

  • Selaginella Bryopteris is bioluminescence . It is not a fern. Luminosity is key in identifying the original booty . It could be found in forests , jungles and high mountain altitudes of India . Many herbs vie with this herb for the name Sanjeevani ,but there is no comparison with Selaginella bryopteris .It is said to relieve the effects of sun stroke, dysuria , Jaundice , . It is useful in vaso relaxation , boosting up heart's action , relieving hyper tension , busting clots ,apart from removing inflammation in the body . Thus most of symptoms associated with diabetes are removed . Cell regeneration and invigoration of vital activities is ensured . It helps in recovering the cells from the neural disorders and in helping the prevention of neural degeneration .It does the function of many herbs . They say it can grow even with out much water .

  • bhaswathy

    Sorry for late I was on tour net connection was slow and page was not at all loading properly..

    Selanginellla I searched on is some information...

    is is said this plants grows on TROPICAL naturally this is not Himalayan plant...and as we all know Humanumana brought original Sanjeevani from Himalya...this can not be called as real sanjeevani booti.

    However,if u need this plant which is shown in pictures on web page... or in youtube can go to any jadibutiwala/Pansari/local herb shop and and show him can get this herb there with same name...

    It is available in dry form...and as u put in water over night it again blooms(becomes green)

    The jadibutiwala will advise you to drink the water in which you immerse the plant.

    I personally do not have any experience about same...however as per folklore as it is said that it is good from sunstroke or urinary infections...

    Further about 'bioluminescence ' there are certain type of fungi which grows on certain herbs glows at night....the said fungi is available in 'Amarkantak' and even in 'Bhimashankar'/western ghats forests.

    you can read about same here...

  • Between there is some herb used by Kani tribes of Kerala.... I don't remember name of herb...but it enhances the stamina....

    here is one web link about kani tribals and herbs used by them...

  • Yeah... bhaswathy here is that herb...and some institution has developed formula medicine out of same herb names 'Jeevani'

    the name of herb is Trichopus zeylanicus you may read here about herb...


  • here is one nice article about search of possible "sanjeevani Booti' of Ramyana.

  • cure ,

    Many like Cressa cretica , Desmotrichum , Malaris acuminata , Trichopus Zeylanicus , Terminalia chebula go in the name of sanjeevani . Specially Terminalia Chebula is very efficacious in many ailments . But none of them is the real sanjeevani as per the info given to me . Salaginella bryopteris brought by Hanuman to revive Lakshmana is different . It is available only in Himalayas Any way thanks a lot for all the trouble taken by you . Right now I don't have any health problem . But I want to turn a proover so that I can have a first hand experience . But it is said to revive even a corpse .In case of coma it brings back the person to life , it is claimed . Any way let me see as to how far my effort bears the fruit .

  • @Cure ,

    Like it is often said , all the medicines , herbs , diets , exercises work towards the relief from the symptoms only . To some extent in homeopathy , cure was obtained with constitutional treatment and it is a laborious , lengthy and tedious process which has many constraints . If at all this herb is found and experimented and used with success it is a real boon to all those suffering with this menace .

  • bhaswathy you can get this herb at any herbal very throw away price...

    Many roadside herb sellers are selling this herb in and around my city....

  • @cure ,

    But is it really Sanjeevani booti of Ramayana . Many times we get duped by the road side vendors .In case of Brahmakamalam also they pass on a different flower as brahmakamlam . Anyways I will try to get the selaginella sold by Aurvedic pharmacy , if possible. Thank you very much .

  • Oh I don't know about Sanjeevani Booti.... but the particular herb which you are searching is available with them....

    I have seen that many times with those road side vendors...and they call it sanjeevani booti..

    As per the pic shown on wikipedia.. the herb looks same....

  • what we see with road side vendors is not sanjeevani booti .

  • @cure ,

    Congratulations . By accident today onlyI saw that you have become an administrator . But its a great news and you are the most deserving candidate for that .

  • Thank you bhaswathy :)

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