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Feeling a nervous wreck

I have high bp and I am diabetic type 2.Diet controlled for the last eight years.I had my annual blood and urine test in May .On Wednesday I have another blood test and urine test with a nurse in my surgery .And I'm full of nerves as the particular nurse saw me in May when I had a copd test .She was so rude and nasty to me .The results of my copd test was No Obstruction

But my lungs are of a ninety year old .I am 71 .That floored me .Since I knew I had ti have this second diabetic blood test my nerves are in a wreck .I cant sleep at night .I don't want to go out .Basically I am a nervous wreck

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Vitamin C has been shown to help respiratory problems like bronchitis, asthma, influenza and more. ..


I've been taking it along with omega 3s for years and it's helped prevent colds and flu as well if you take enough, and catch it early... Vitamin C also lowers BP, this may be of interest too...


Don't stress! Instead, look for vitamins and natural remedies and you'll be surprised what you may find. Hope that helps.


that nurse needs reporting....not very supportive or professional ! Plus I agree with above posts......vitamin C, green tea and other herbal remedies will help.

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