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Pre diabetic or diabetic


Hello I'm new to this site, at the moment I think I am pre diabetic, my blood test 6mths ago was 47, 8weeks ago it had gone up to 49, have another blood test 3mths after the last one, does any one know what number you are classed as diabetic, thank you Val.

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What is 47?

valda66 in reply to zakir-375

I think it is mmol/mol which was from the HbA1c blood test result.

officially its diabetic as its over 48, BUT is this a blip? And what is normal for you anyway. All these numbers are "guidelines". Blood pressure, cholesterol, temperature and all the rest. We all for instance have a cancer marker but its only significant over a certain level. I wouldnt worry about 1 point BUT if it keeps rising then its time to think about it, or you could think about preventative measures anyway. What do the medics say?

valrene in reply to fenbadger

Hi fenbadger, GP has asked for another blood test beginning of November, that will be 3 mths since the last one just to see if it is a blip, I have been on steroids for the past year put loads of weight on and have high blood pressure now, so it could be steroid induced diabetis, GP said he will see what the number is in November then he might send me to the diabetic nurse to sort out a diet for me, that's why I wondered about the number they class as being diabetic. Val

fenbadger in reply to valrene

wise man. In the meantime if you can take less sugar it will surely help.

48 is the dividing line.

Sadly steroids have that effect.

I wish you well

Thank you fenbadger, I'm only just over so as you say be careful with my diet and hopefully I won't get diabetis. Val

Which parameter has these values 47, 49 etc? What is its unit?

Hi ShooterGeorge, in the UK Drs seem to do the HbA1c blood test now, so I only have been given the numbers where the numbers I have been given by GP indicate that I may have the start of diabetis, xxx

Hi @valrene, so do you mean to say that 47, 49 etc are HbA1c values? If yes, are those percentages, absolute number of spoiled cells or some secret codes to keep patients in dark?

It says mmo;/mol on my blood result printout.

Hi ShooterGeorge I think they are just government guidelines to help Drs decide wether you have diabetis or not, my 49 is only 1 point over the guidelines for Drs to treat me as diabetic, that's why they do the blood tests 3mths apart apparently it gives a better reading, not sure how they decide if you have diabetis where you live. Val

Hi @valrene, I feel sad about the "black box" approach!

Anything consistently above 45 is considered as an indication of diabetes. The reason why the way in which diabetes is recorded numerically the way that it is is because over here in the NHS they have adopted the American way of measuring blood glucose. I was used to the old way of measuring blood glucose and still do. Even my GP needs to refer to her paperwork when I ask her what these American values are indicative of. I'm insulin dependant and it took almost eighteen months for them to find an insulin which helped me. Some people tend to be precious about their diabetes, counting carbohydrates, for instance, and although I said to myself I would never live a life dependant on carbohydrate measurements I have had to do.

valrene in reply to jrcnpg

Hi jrcnpg, did the cutting of carbs really help your diabetis, have another blood test next month GP said if my number is 49 still I will have to see the diabetic nurse and sort out a diet for me, only put the weight on because of steroids, I have stomach ulcers so too much fruit or salads make my stomach burn with acids, so do need carbs with meals to help xxx

jrcnpg in reply to valrene

In the end it did, yes. For your stomach actions/reactions, your GP can prescribe for you some preventative acid reflux medications which help. I know how steroids pile the weight on because of my ex-mother in law who towards the end of her life and owing to a very, very strange unexplained bout of skin eruptions was on a large dose of prednisolone and her weight ballooned. Either for the better or for the worst she developed acute dementia and the last few months of her life were painful to observe. 49 is still a relatively small figure on the diabetic scale. Mine was, using the American system of measuring blood glucose as I mentioned before, 133 and that is how far the chart is able to provide a median value for the previous six or so weeks. Yet, now I am settled with my medication regime and that will be with me for the rest of my life. A complete nusiance but necessary.

valrene in reply to jrcnpg

Thought my number was high, must cut the carbs right down and see if that works xxx

ShooterGeorge in reply to jrcnpg

Not necessary is what is felt, based on my personal experience, @jrcnpg.

ShooterGeorge in reply to jrcnpg

What you said is absolutely right @Jrcnpg. Everytime measuring/weighing up food to eat/drink is torturous. Instead if a diabetic choose to get whatever carbohydrate one takes, from Long Wheat alias Emmer Wheat one's BS will soon (not instantly) fall in line.

Search here or Google the acronym LWMDR for more details. I cured my T2 DM with LWMDR in a matter of just 3 years.

So it must be the steroids that push the parameters up.

I’m not an expert. I have recently joined the pre Diabetes course. You must join. You don’t have diabetes. I understand you are at greater risk between 7 and 10. My reading of 44 converted to 6.2. Don’t worry is the first point you don’t have diabetes. However, promise yourself to attend the course. Really worthwhile and absolutely nothing to fear. In the meantime please cut down on your carbs especially, bread, pasta, potatoes and rice. Good luck.

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