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high blood sugar

Following a bowel operation recently (3 weeks ago) I had a blood sugar test as I have had gout in the past.

This revealed my blood sugar was higher than normal and my GP has invited me to have a fasting glucose tolerance test as they think I might be developing diabetes.

Disappointed as I have just been given the all clear for bowel cancer!

What next I ask?

My BMI is 29.5.

For the build up to my operation I was put on a low fibre diet.

Would this have had an effect on my blood sugar levels?

First post!


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Barry - you have had good news i.e. no bowel cancer. Type 2 diabetes can be treated with either diet or tablets. Wait and see what happens and keep us posted.


Hi Barry,

Type 2 diabetes can take up to ten years to develop, and as you've identified conditions like gout can go hand in hand.

A low-fibre diet may aggravate the condition, since fibre can (but doesn't always) slow the absorption of food to glucose. However, your body attempts to keep blood glucose within a very tight range; if it is struggling to do this it is likely that you have been consuming too much carbohydrate over a long period of time, causing you to develop insulin-resistance.

Fructose causes the formation of harmful lipids, thickening the blood, causing fatty-liver, and blocking insulin-receptors.

Some foods overstimulate insulin/IGF-1 production, causing highs and lows with blood glucose.


CONCERNED What is the role of T2 in in H B P Fructose may slightly spike the BS but it contains mainly most of vitamins and nutrients and also contain potassium hence the chances of H B P may be reduced . Even though some of persons have H B P NO. is high but their F B S P P B S HBA1C and lipids and live function and kidney function tests and kidney function tests are normal In this case Doctor says all parameter is normal there may be chances of some H B P no. for some persons it was not to worried For precautionary they advised topersons take some Ecosparin 75 -150 mg daily 1-0-1


Fructose by-passes the satiation systems of the body. Scans have demonstrated that it works on the pleasure centres of the brain in the same fashion as other addictive substances, and this has been reinforced by experiments where rats addicted to cocaine and sugar preferred sugar.

Saturated fat was demonised with shoddy evidence, and lowering fat in the diet became enshrined for the last 30+ years.

When we have conclusive evidence, we should acknowledge the implications. Fruit is not as healthy as we have been led to believe, but the real problems occur with the processing of food and the refining of carbohydrate especially that results in concentration of the detrimental effects.


CONCERNED as per your opinion Fructose in not good But in ganeral diseases and in series conditions in hospitals fresh juices of musumbi or apple may be given for recovery. Agreed it has sugar content diabetics may n For diabetic persons may be consumed instead of their quantity of carb from other grains It shows ganearally grains contain 72 to 8o gms of carb in 100 gms But in fruits it is very less than 15 gms Except Banana sapota may fully avoided .

Further in fruits contain potassium it helps to reduce the BP

Further what is the role of HBP and heart problems in diabetic persons


You make it sound like it's my personal opinion Nataraj. It is a fact that is supported by clinical trials that fructose glycosylates haemoglobin seven times as much as glucose.

The high insulin levels concomitant with type-2, plus higher than necessary carbohydrate levels will raise blood pressure; 1g carbohydrate also holds between 2 and 3g water in the body.

Insulin causes inflammation/growth of the endothelial layers of arteries, reducing flexibility and leaving them susceptible to damage. It is this damage that leads to atherosclerotic lesions, with attempted repair by the body resulting in plaques.


CONCERED I am sorry if my comment is hearted U I am also says my view and it is my experience by consuming fruit ( NO other carbohydrate consuming. Only fruit consumed instead of dinner items .)

As per clinical trial is O K but there may be chances of difference by person to person

Please share FBS PPBS HBA1C lipids kidney profiles electrolytes and ECG all are within normal value some persons BP raises Any reasons if u have any idea please share This is happen one of my friend Thanks for early respond .


Any recent illness will raise blood sugar levels. Exercise and ACV controls my glucose, helps to burn fat and impacts weight loss. I am a twenty year diabetic and for the first time in twenty years I am free of all medications ...

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"Exercise and ACV controls my glucose........." Can you please explain further? Thanks!


Thank you all for your kind replies.

I have my glucose test tomorrow and will update you when I get the results.

I have had a gout condition for 25 years following major surgery to my shoulder and I have managed this with Allupurinol 300mg and taking over the counter stuff like Omega3 oil and Glucosamine/Chondroitin.

My recent surgery meant I had to stop taking the above and the gout returned for the 1st time in 25 yrs but since resuming last weekend pain now gone!

I only had a blood test to check on the Uric acid levels in my blood but it was ok apart from my sugar levels being too high!



Ps I forgot to mention that I am 61!



Are you able to update us with the results Bazali?


Yes somewhat as I saw my GP who didn't go into details but said my body was not tolerating sugar levels very well which was to be expected as I had major surgery on 6 April to my bowel which was successful!

He didn't give me any readings etc but has suggested that I have another test in 6 months.

He didn't appear concerned and the gout symptoms I was getting which set off the test have gone!


If suffering from blood sugar.

Ensure u change ir lifestyle and eating habits..

drink water in the morning just after u woke up at least 1 litre and during the day at least 2 litres.

Also start taking suppliments because our food is not balanced food..

if you would like to know the required suppliments whatsapp +255767636678

Will send u what we give to our clients depending on the condition


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