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blood test insulin level high


hi all

I posted before about my blood glucose levels being high in the mornings and after meals usually between 8 and 9.9 but my doctor had said that my levels are completely normal. I was told in no uncertain terms that I am not pre diabetic, diabetic or insulin resistant in any way.

I have to admit out of sheer frustration because I am struggling with this doctor I had some private blood tests done more to reassure myself that I was being paranoid as the doctor suggested.

Probably not the best thing to do as now I am even more confused my results were

fasting glucose 7.61 (3.5 - 5.80) high

fasting insulin 82.66 (2.60 - 24.90) high

Im not sure where to go from here as my doctor won't even discuss it with me any ideas what to do next or should I just go by what the doctor says and leave it.

thanks for any advice


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High fasting BS and insulin is extremely high. Fasting insulin should be below 6.

Very high IR index.

Do you follow low carb diet ?

Naelith in reply to shrisamarth

I have been trying to for the last month or so as my cholesterol is also high and my good cholesterol is too low but my doctor says no need as I AM NOT DIABETIC. I am eating a Mediterranean diet at the moment more fish and less potatoes pasta etc

Naelith in reply to Naelith

sorry about the capitals my keyboard caps key is sticking

shrisamarth in reply to Naelith

Your fasting BS shows that you are a diabetic. Have you checked you PPBS ?

Naelith in reply to shrisamarth

do you mean after meals? I am between 7.5 and 9 two hours after eating usually

shrisamarth in reply to Naelith

Yes after meals.

Both levels are high.

Joyart in reply to shrisamarth

My doctor said try for 5 /6/7 BY MIDDAYalways 11 to 13 been higher on glicicidex2 metformin x2 whats up i am type 2

not sure how to get my doctor to agree though they had a meeting and all Drs at the practice said my levels are completely normal

Change the doctor. Find a doctor with whom you can discuss your results and worries. Good luck!

Joyart in reply to Arveno

Been given blood glucose machine and diary to graph levels

I have registered at a new practice today, heres hoping new doctor will at least look at the results :)

Over the years I have been told both at hospitals, by doctors, and by diabetic nurses that blood sugars levels below 10 are nothing to worry about. I can remember the old days when the only way to personally check the levels was by urine test strips which usually showed completely clear below 10. I know that ideally around 7 is better but am too long is the tooth to worry about minor discrepancies. Don't get over concerned about by the levels you quote. Excess stress could physically hurt you more.

Joyart in reply to happydodderer

Thankyou i agree xnbig hug

Get referred to the diabetes course, a half day a week for 6 weeks with annual refreshers. I went on my latest refresher course today and learned alot and have a lot of my thoughts confirmed.

Joyart in reply to ceejayblue

Been on it books good to calorie count my age now is 69 yrs we have to allow for natural weight gain too then i forget everything these days

A fasting of over 7 is usually considered as diabetes if confirmed.

Your insulin levels are way too high; try smaller portions of sweet potato instead of potato, and avoid things like Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, sugar, flour, rice, cous cous, cornflakes, branflakes, parsnips, pineapple, ripe banana, melons, pumpkin and most bread.

Instead, have small portions of quinoa, bulgar wheat, berries, citrus, peas, beans (from dry), chickpeas, lentils, rye pumpernickel, whole-oats, barley, sweetcorn and whole-milk with some above-ground veg.

Get most calories from natural fat.

Joyart in reply to Concerned

Will do thankyou xhugs

Joyart in reply to Concerned

Do they make you bloated

Thanks for the replies, I will definitely look into my diet I eat weetabis and bran flakes etc a lot as I thought they were good to eat, looks like I need to learn more. I will ask the new doctor about the course

Thanks all

My dietician nurse said tiny portions are the answer all things in moderation at older ages try walks 30 mins mild exercise 30 mins every day

Me too loved cereals x

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