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Hi everyone

I don't know to much about diabetes. I've been feeling light headed the last couple weeks. I actually thought I might have low blood sugar. To my surprise, I checked my blood sugar today. I wasn't planning on doing it. So I had 2 cups of tea within a hour or two before I checked it. Your looking at 5 spoons sugar. My blood sugar was 150!. I'm freaking out now. What do you make of this result?

Rubyxx ๐Ÿ˜Š


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8 Replies

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  • Hi,

    Its a random blood sugar that you have checked and it wouldn't be able to provide any specific way of bench marking on whether it is correct or not. There are 2 ways of checking

    1. When you are feeling light headed, check immediately. If its is lower than 60, please eat a fruit or candy followed with a meal.

    2. Check fasting or 2 hours after eating.

    Further, one easy way of knowing low blood sugar is you will sweat and your body would be shaking.



  • Thanks for your reply.

    what I was saying is, I was expecting it to be low and it appears it's too high. Am I wrong?

    Rubyxx ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Hi Ruby,

    It would be difficult to directly correlate Light headedness to low sugar. Better to check the sugar at home. Sometimes, it maybe due to other reasons such as BP, stomach upset etc..


  • Checked my blood sugar soon as I woke up and it was 90. Did urine test and glucose was ok. Gravity was very bad. Wondering if a kidney infection can make you light headed.

    So now what should bs be 2 hrs after eating?

    Rubyxx ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Hi,

    Its good that your levels are normal. after 2 hours, it should be in the range of 120 - 150. Sometimes it may be lower if you have done any vigorous exercises.

    Please consult with a doctor to understand your symptoms.


  • Have you been diagnosed as diabetic? If not it could just be that you were hungry and needed some food. I would go to your GP and tell them about it. You will probably be given a fasting glucose test initially, which would then be followed up with what they call an HbA1c test which shows a pattern of blood glucose levels over the last 3 months.

    You need to get things checked as taking your blood glucose ad hoc doesn't prove anything! Before I was diagnosed and was just glucose intolerant I had a reading of 1.9 which if I had been diabetic would've put me in a coma but as I wasn't my body kicked in and I was fine. GP said unless you have been diagnosed and told to check regularly there is no point in taking the odd reading and causing yourself worry and stress over something that is nothing at all.

  • Also Id look at reducing your intake of sugar in tea. 5 spoonsful is an awful lot of calories and tea is drinkable without sugar.

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