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Very recently I was diagnosed sugar but I have a question can unscheduled fooding can lead a person with diabetes or stress can cause it..actually I was shocked when saw level of 266..can it be permanent cure of diabetes

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M too recently diagnosed with diabetes

As per my own result im sure untime eatin can lead to diabetes

N streesss too

Its alz a smart decision to eat on time n alz follow it religiously

N sorry sir its nt curable

Im juz 26 m too in a shocked to get diagnosed wid diabetes

But eat healthy n stay fit is d keen mantra fr its control


Which medicine u r taking ?/..n how frequently u r testing sugar ?..i

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Im takin glycephage 1000mg twice daily

Daily morning im chckn n aftrnoon after food n bedtime


What are your BS levels nowdays?


My hba1c was 6.8 wats urs?

N ur age


Dr did not say above test for me..my sugar level were 460 ..next day I checked fasting it was 266..my medicine amaryl n gluformin..


Get second opinion


Cz u knw d day i recznd my fasting was 270 n pp was 360

Doc told me abt hba1c

N it was 6.8

Hba1c mean wat is ur blood sugar on average in past 2-3mnths so it's necessary to knw whether u diabetic or not


N wats ur range

According to dat yr medication depend


Champak uncle can seriously help u wid dis.He has so much knowledge

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