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Hi, I have type 2, and I manage my bg with diet and metformin. Mostly ok, I m happy with day time readings, usually between 5.5 and 7.0. However, when I take a bg test after fasting overnight and before late breakfast, (11am), the reading is quite high, at over 8.0. Does anyone know why this should be? It happens every time. Any ideas how I can improve this reading? Thanks. JanR

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  • LCHF

  • Thanks for reply Mike. As it happens I am on LCHF diet as advised by Michael moseley's book,' 8 week sugar free diet. ' One week in. Other times of day, bg level 5 - 6 mostly. I had a feeling I read something about high morning bg levels, affecting some people. Can't remember where so thought I would start here. Thanks. JanR

  • It is common to have high blood sugar and blood pressure in the morning. Read about it here:

  • Thank you for that info kisiki. JanR

  • It is called dawns phenomenon. Please check your diet evening and night and also what medicine you are taking.

  • Thank you for the info. I have looked it up and now understand what's happening. Tho' I don't know which scenario fits me. I am carefully watching my diet - lchf and losing weight, plus some exercise. I take 2x 500 metformin, which I am hoping to stop in due course. I can't wait to see my diabetic nurse in a few months time. She is going to be sooo pleased with me! JanR

  • Do you, by any chance, go for walks (or any exercise) in the morning?

    I am not a big fan of walking or exercising empty stomach in the morning.

  • Sadly I don't do walking much at all. I just don't like it because you have to commit and I don't want to😒 I prefer dancing and indoor cycling with a few home made strengthening ex s thrown in. None of this before breakfast however- perish the thought! I m relying on the LCHF diet to sort me out. Thanks for replying. JanR

  • Just try a bit of walks after dinner and also tighten the carbs control.

    Also, if you can get hold of Ashvagandha -- a herb -- you can try 250 mg BID. It's a great stress buster and could help if stress (leading to higher cortisol levels etc) is causing kick in FBS. This has helped many of us wrt FBS. If you try, you can take a call on whether to continue or discontinue after 3 months depending on the end results.

  • Thank you for your advice. I will look for that herb. JanR

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