Hello every one, i got diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension last july, my age is 35, dr prescribed me gluformin g1 and telday 40 in morning pre and post break fast respectively. I want to control this without taking medicines, can any one able to suggest me with their experiences how i must control??? Now my FS is 105 and PS is 116, hb1ac is 6.5.

Iwant to control it through diet,i started morning walk for one hour daily, i take lemon ginger apple vineger ginger garlic remedy before morning walk.

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  • Walking and remedies won't work, other than a seismic shift in your perspective.

    I have the answers, but Anup from your culture has also and will follow my response.

  • A diabetic from Bangalore in the same age band as you could control his diabetes and went of diabetes drugs in less than few weeks by switching to LCHF diet. So, look at LCHF diet if you can. At 53+ I am drug free for sixth year as a type 2:


    BTW, I used to do mindless walking but after switching to LCHF I don't walk to manage blood sugar. I realized (based on lot of empirical calculations) that one will have to walk 20 km/day on nonsensical High Carb Low Fat diet as a diabetic for less dependence on drug. For me, if I as a diabetic have to walk from earth to moon in lifetime to manage sugar, diet is wrong.

    Also, I am not a big fan of T2 walking on empty stomach in morning just blindly. For me walking makes more sense after each meal. But, first the meal has to be fixed as that's where the main problem is.

  • Did it sort out your blood pressure. Im on meds but want to come off these. I have been following low carb but it hasn't made any difference.

  • Nope

  • What did the doctor say? Are you type 1 or 2? If you're type 1, the doctor may want you to be on insulin and do shots during the day and one before bed.

    Please check out the DRWF site on HU and their own site with the leaflets. Go to: drwf.org.uk/diabetes-leaflets There are lots of information and advice if you either download or listen to the information on their site. Hope this helps.

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