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Pain in legs & lower back

This pain in lower back (i have scoliosis) is really severe & i do take hydrocodone and Ibuprofen for that. I also use pain patches I buy over the counter. I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis & neuropathy in different parts of my body. Lately, everyday now I have episodes where I get severe pain from the knees down in both legs and I always feel it coming on and I have to sit right away so I won't collapse onto floor. Otherwise, I would fall. What is going on? I don't understand because this started back in 2010 where my legs would get real heavy feeling and I would need help when out walking to get back to where I live. I used to walk around our condo (goes in a circle) around a big pond and my then husband would literally have to hold on to me to get me back home. Now we are divorced and I am by myself. I worry I will be driving somewhere or just in a grocery store and won't be able to sit down anywhere or driving would be even worse. I will be calling my Dr. tomorrow to ask to see another Dr. because she has been sluffing this off like it is nothing. My body is trying to tell me something & people have said I turn white as a sheet when this is happening. It is very scary to me because I am also Type II diabetic and my sugar levels are normal. I need to know if anyone else is going through this and what kind of Dr. do I go to?

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Hi u need to go and speak to u GP and tell them what is going on and they should put u in touch with the right specialist sorry I can not help in any other way.

Best wishes


Thank you, Yogibe.


Learning the lchf way of life, having extreme pain in different parts of body at different times. It is now in my upper back, shoulders, and spine. Have tried, muscle massage with Bio-freeze, tens unit pulsations, ibuprophen, tylenol #4, heat massage unit, but the pain is continuing this morning. Any suggestions? Oh yes, I do water aerobics twice weekly. Thank you. Diane I am also diabetic.


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