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I am new to this Forum and a diabetic for last 2 months. My Fasting BS is in the range of 118-130 and PP is in the Range of 180-210. Hb1AC score is 6.5 on 01-12-2014. Doctor has told me to reduce my weight ( Iam 88 Kgs with height 172 cms) . Since my work-place is far off from my house (45 Kms). I have to travel by bus for almost 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening and hence I leave house by 6 am in the morning and getback to house around 8 pm. So I do not find much time to exercise. I have been following the following Diet chart for Last 1 month and have lost 3 Kgs of weight.


MORNING (0600 Hrs): One tablespoon of overnight soaked “methi-seeds”

with 400 ml ( 2 glasses) of Luke-warm water (empty stomach)

BREAKFAST (0830 Hrs):3 Idlis or 2 dosas or 1 cup of Sooji Upma or Masala Oats or khichdi

- with ½ cup sambaar

LUNCH (1230 Hrs):2 Chappathis (6” dia)

1 cup of vegetables (Bhindi or Cauliflower or Beans or Shimla Mirch)

½ cup of Dal (Moong or toor or mysore or Channa or Rajma)

EVENING (1800 Hrs):200 ml of milk without sugar and 2 Marie Biscuits

DINNER (2100 Hrs ):2 Chappathis (6” dia)

½ cup of Dal (Moong / Toor / Mysore or Channa or Rajma)

8-10 pieces of Cucumber, Onion and Tomato Salad


MORNING (0600 Hrs):One tablespoon of overnight soaked “methi-seeds”

with 400 ml ( 2 glasses) of Luke-warm water (empty stomach)

BREAKFAST (0830 Hrs):2 Stuffed Paranthas (Mooli or Onion or Paneer) with butter

LUNCH (1230 Hrs):Rice - 2 Cups with Chicken (5 pieces with Gravy )

DINNER (2100 Hrs ):2 Chappathis (6” dia) with Fish ( 2 pieces with Gravy).

I sincerely request Members to clarify whether the above diet plan is OK for me and also kindly suggest any corrective measures to the above plan so that I can have more control on my diabetes.

Thanks in advance and Regards

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The range of blood glucose given by you should give a slightly higher A1C value because A1C 6.5% corresponds to an average of 140. Perhaps you should confirm by checking at three, four, five and six hours after lunch.

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