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Herbal medicines for diabetes


Is anyone taking herbal medicines for their blood-sugar control or any aspect of the disease management? If so, what's your take on it? Has it been beneficial or harmful? I'm interested in getting opinions for and against. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks

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Last week i met some body and advice me to use a wit grass which has three days up ten days, She said a wit grass is good and stable lies sugar, but i am not using already

norreal in reply to noelmollel

What is wit grass?

I'm supposing you mean wheatgrass, not wit grass. I wasn't even aware of its use in diabetes so i'll add it to my 'research list'. Do you know if it's something that is commonly taken? Thanks. Just in case you might find it useful, I'll pass on whatever information I research about it to you.

I do not know if is taken commonly

There is no magic way to control your blood glucose levels by taking herbal remedies etc. Are you Type 1 or 2? If you eat properly and exercise and take any medication that you are given then you will be able to manage your levels yourself. Sometimes, if you can bring your levels under control with diet and exercise you can be able to reduce your medication (although not if you are type 1). Have a look on the website diabetes.org.uk, its full of helpful advice and information.

i am type 1


You don't say which form of diabetes you have. I have type 2 diabetes and I take Q10, I can't prove it helps but if you look it up you may find it could help you. I also take a Garlic tablet each day which is supposed to help with blood sugar control. I used to take an old Indian herb called Gymnema and it did control my blood sugar. The trouble is I can't get it anymore since the EU stopped it being imported in to Europe!

I think you need to talk to your health care specialist before you try any herbs or minerals as they can have a reaction with any medication your health care specialist has prescribed for you. I have tried quite a few different approaches to sugar control and I seem to get good control with trying to walk between 3 to 5 K each day.

Best of look


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Hi too!!

I have diabetes type 1 and using insulin 60 units per day

I'm not diabetic myself but my grandfather and father-in-law are. I'm actually a pharmacist currently doing some research on herb use in diabetes management because i've recently come across an increasing number of patients who use herbs alongside their drugs for their diabetes management, including my father-in-law. Although i'm aware that a lot of these herbs have beneficial effects, some of them could also cause some unwelcome drug interactions depending on how they are taken and what drugs are taken alongside. Unfortunately, one common scenario is that the patient isn't fully aware of the identity of the herb he/she is taking so it isn't very easy to give specific health advice. On the other hand, the patient clearly sees the benefit so I'm not inclined to ask him or her to discontinue the herb. I'm therefore hoping to get an idea of what herbs are used by diabetic patients regularly so I can get the needed health information about it and advice patients accordingly. I've already researched a few, including Gymnema. However, there's a lot of information out there, usually from different sources so I'm trying to start with the ones that are commonly used and for which i'm likely to encounter in clinical practice. Thanks.

I have just noticed your posting - I was put on metformin for several months but suffered with severe stomach ache I did my own research and found two I think one is a vegetable and the other herb the vegetable is karela also known as bitter melon or gourd karela can be found in local grocery shop it is sold in juice form or fresh vegetable which can be juiced and drink fresh in the morning .

I am a coward because it is so bitter I buy the capsules from Amazon 1250mg strong and I combine it with Fenugreek seed capsules I take mine after breakfast and dinner. It works my doctor wasn't convinced so he sent me for a blood test twice for the year that I have been on it and my blood sugar is still under control - of course I also watch my diet. I hope you find this useful - mine is type 2

I wish to testify to the same: Karela and fenugreek help control glucose if diet and exercise are also given due attention. Thank you for sharing.

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