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Can you tell me whether a finger prick test at 5.7 is good ? (fasting) ?

Hello I am new to this forum & I have been told that my glucose fasting test was high so I was asked to do the 2 hour test with a glucose drink. Before they took blood they did a prick test which was 5.7 I now have to wait a week to find out the results.

I eat fairly healthily as I follow a gluten free diet as I have hashimotos, fibromyalgia & hypertension. I was having lots of problems with my stomach so I took it upon myself to go GF and have felt so much better & now this? Plus my white blood cells were high too & my liver function. I do drink a glass of wine about 5 nights a week but not excessive. Can anyone shine a light on any of this info? I would be really grateful thanks.

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White cells are a sign of an infection my fasting blood prick test was 8.1 that is wat decsided i was diabetic but they aim at 5 for me good luck xx


When Iast had a fasting Glucose Tolerance Test, they took a blood test (not just a prick test) then I sat for 2 hours and they took another blood test to compare the difference so not sure they could find all the information they need from a prick test as the base test. However, 5.7 after fasting is good and it depends on how your body dealth with all that glucose. I can't remember what my results were now (its nearly 3 years ago) but I am consistently in the normal range since diagnosis (next HbA1c next week).


I am a Type 2 diabetic Insulin Dependent. 5.7 reading after fasting is pretty good and a level I dream about. The important thing as mentioned by ceejayblue is the blood test after you drank the glucose (ugh!). I also have Hashimotos' and hypertension for both of which I am receiving medication. From time to time I get a high ALT reading (on liver function test) and this invariably goes down after a while, I have been told this is normal in a Diabetic. I would stress that I am not medically trained. Good luck


Thankyou Burnley for you information really helpful to know there are others out there the same as me!


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