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Hi I have an very painful spinal problem, which stops me lying flat.as a result my legs are swollen and blistered cant have op any advice

I have type 2 diabetes controlled by metformin and statins. I have a spinal problem which has got very painful, and I arranged to have an operation (privately) which was arranged

for 07/01/2014. As it is too painful to lie flat, I sleep in an armchair, and as a result my legs have swollen with water. I have been advised to raise my legs, however as the worse of the ulcers are on the back of my legs, this makes the problem worse. and they has broken out in water blisters, bleeding ulcers, e t c and the surgeon has refused to operate, until they heal, They are being dressed twice a week by a district nurse, and I am on a third course of antibiotics. Does any one have any suggestions please, as I'm desperate to have this operation,. Thank you all.


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I want to ask you to listen to your doctor but at the same time you may want to try to use traditional medicine to control your sugar level.


Hi Githerji, I am listening to him, my op was arranged for 07/07/2014, but he refuses to carry it out until legs are completely healed, which I totally agree with, because neither of us wants to risk infection.

My sugar levels are under control, I carry out my own testing every 2 to 3 days and they are always between 5 to 7.5. Recently had annual review and GP very satisfied with all blood tests..

This problem with my legs started when about 7 weeks ago, I found it too painful to go to bed because when I moved in my sleep I was being woken by the pain, and unable to get back to sleep. Tried sleeping in reclining chair and with legs elevated but still too painful. It seems like a vicious circle, one problem causing the other to get worse. Any way I've gone on moaning too long. Thank you for taking the time to help me I very much appreciate it.


Hi Jamie, your issue is rather complicated. if you don't mind, i wanna ask u some few questions in private towards helping you deal with it the best possible way. My address is jbdanquah7@gmail.com

Hoping to hearing from you anytime soon.

Kind regards,



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