Not sure where to go

Good evening,and thank you forbtaking the time to read my post.

I just need a little bit of advice really, and would like it from people who have been in yhe same situation as myself.

My mum 8s currently going through a schizophrenic episode, not the first, this has been on and off for 20 years but on its way to becoming the worst. She recently discharged herself from a mental home (beginning of November) after spending all of last year with paranoia and voices and the usual symptoms. Took us a long time to get here in there and was finally admitted in Spetember.

I could see that it was working, albeit slowly but my mum thought they was deliberatly poisoning her so discharged herself. Mum was then offered support workers at home twice a day, this lasted for around a month until she cancelled them as she thought they were stealing.

Because of this now I fear she is now in a situation where she has refused all help, no one will offer more. She has said she would like to move home, as she is currently living in the old family home of 30 years, on her own rattling around in a 4 bed house, but I am unsure where to start with this? I believe the house is half the problem.

She is 63, chain smoker, refuses to leave the house and delusional and I believe she is starting to hallucinate, she believes everyone is out to con her and are watching her.

I just need advice and what stop to take next.


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  • Hi very difficult as unless she consents to treatment there is not much that can be done unless she is a danger to herself or to others. Could you ask her doctor if he thinks a section would be a good idea?

    Have you tried speaking to her doctor on your own and discussing your fears? If you have what do they say?

    This site is mainly for depression though I think there are a few other mental health issues here but your best bet might be to try and find a more specific site as they might be able to offer more advice.

    It must be very traumatic for you and for her and I really feel for you. x


    Hi found this link for you x

  • Hello rosep169 it sounds like your mam's in crisis and going through a paranoid delusional episode.she needs help as you know,you need to tell her gp or community psychiatric nurse or take her to A&E and ask to see the mental health crisis team, it maybe that she needs to be hospitalized and may need sectioning to get her there.if she's ever seen a consultant psychiatrist you could contact them they may visit her at home,hope this helps.

  • Gather what family members you can and PLEASE go and see a GP. Your mum sounds like she is in crises. She is unable to look after herseself. She'll probably need to be sectioned for her own well-being. Her meds (am assuming she's on some?) need to be adjusted. If she's not on meeds then she should be.

    Importantly: you MUST look after yourself. That's why I suggest you gather what family you can and work as a collective. Shouldering this on your own will see your own health spiral.

    Some tough decisions need to be made and followed through with. So then, take a big breath, get family support and call the Dr. The sooner you start this process, the sooner you'll be able to breathe again.

    Thinking of you and yours.

  • Hi rosep I notice you haven't come back to us and let us know if you have seen the replies to your post. if possible can you let us know if they were useful and how you are please? Thank you.