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hi there some of you will already know me ive been suffering depression and anxiety for several years in the begining i hoped for a quick remedy but im not getting anywhere fast ! im getting headaches in the back of head which worry we a lot as i had a anueryseum 2- 3 years ago ive been told its highly unlikely and that its stress thats the cause ! i l highly rate this group as the help and advice is second to none take care all david


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  • Hi David, I agree with you. This is a great site and a godsend to many of us. It epitomises everything a good online forum should be - supportive and caring etc.

    It would be great if there were quick remedies but I don't think there ever is with mental health problems such as depression. All we can do is beaver away at it and chip away bit by bit.

    Have you been to the doctors David? Could they confirm whether you have an aneurism or not? It might be worth it to put your mind at rest. Take care

    Bev xx

  • hi bev you a great person that has a lot to give ! i went to the doctors tonight the doctor reckons it tension headaches im having and not to worry i trust my doctor as hes been a great help in the past as ive had depression for a long time ! i value the opinions of you all thank you and take care david

  • David I totally agree with Bevs reply.

    Tension can cause headaches, but in view of the fact that you had

    Aneurysm in past , I woukd pop in to Dr. And have it checked out.

    Although David I believe any brain problems are totally unlike an

    Ordinary headache.

    Maybe this is a point that you need to try and relax a bit more, as stress is

    Very bad for us and can damage our hearts and probably brain too.

    Kind regards and please take care of yourself.

    Hannah x

  • hi hannah thank you for your input às your self and bev have been really helpful as ive said the doctor put my mind at rest thank you both david

  • Hi David in so glad, and I know it's awful to be worrying

    About stuff as well as trying to get well.

    David I'm glad it helped you as you deserve all the best.

    Take care and keep in touch.

    Hannah x

  • Hi David I also meant to say that unfortunately there is no quick

    Solution to Depression, it's something that we unfortunately have to work

    At every day. So try and just relax a bit and take life day by day.

    That's why this Forum is great.


  • your right about theres no easy way to treat depression as it affects every one differently ! i try to think if i can help someone understand they can get better i will ğain inner peace david

  • Hello David

    Headaches you have explained could be caused by posture when at work or computer.

    This can cause tension headaches from your neck to head. Sometimes also it can transmit from your shoulders and spine into the back of head/neck.

    Stress caused by anxiety can be transmitted from your neck and jaw, when sleeping you may be grinding your teeth,

    If you have bad posture when doing office work or tapping away on the laptop this will cause pain in the neck through to lower head/spine

    Personally the condition you had when you were operated on I do not know, you will need to visit your GP regards that

    If you are grinding your teeth tell your GP and when you visit your dentist they will be able to advise if you have been grinding your teeth.Your GP will be able to confirm anxiety

    All the best


  • hi david you put a different spin on this thank you as i never realised posture could affect me so much ! i hope you are keeping well take care david

  • I agree Bob, I have had lots of headaches which I put down to stress, then had a scan for sleep difficulties and discovered I have arthritis at the top of my spine which is irritated by sitting at my PC causing inflammation. Now I try to make sure I sit properly and pace myself - sometimes... :)

  • thank you second heart rose im greatful for you input god bless you and take care david

  • You are welcome David, you take care too. x

  • This may not apply, but have u stopped drinking caffeine? That causes headaches. Suddenly stopping Benzodiazepines, such as Xanax or Klonopin can also produce "brain zaps."

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