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Hi I’m new to this group

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Hi I’m new to this group I have been suffering for a few years with my mental health the last few months I have too a real dip and resulting me been admitted into hospital I am now getting help and support and had my medication changed and hopefully getting on a level. Suppose I joined just to find out about other peoples mental health and how they deal with it and what tips you can give me or I could give you tips too Thank you for taking you time to read

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Hello Tinkerbell

Welcome to this site members are understanding, like you they want to gain help and encouragement from others on site, I hope you gain help and encouragement


Thank you 😊 x

Hello TinkerbellWelcome and hope this site helps you.

I have also been in the psyche ward in 2019 and I was bored stiff.

Medication helps and I am now getting therapy after asking for help.

Keep posting. This is a friendly site.

Thank you for you reply I really appreciate it It’s hard going through this since the last time I was as bad as this was when I was a teen. All been well I will get there

I’m glad your getting therapy now and that’s one thing I have learnt is to ask for help I have realised I’m not wonder women 😊 x

New here and looking for support.😢

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