Need help!

I'm 17 and diagnosed with depression at 12 been rough 5-6 years I'm almost 18 and tried committing suicide around 8 times and it's not getting easier I self harm and none of my family know this there's been times when I felt good but those times come and go I have only got a few reasons to not try suicide again. It's out of control I suffer anxiety aswell and get heavy panic attacks a lot aswell as anxiety attacks and the depression feels as I'd it's feeding from these I need help to get this under control or relax it a bit.


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  • This is very concerning reading. I do hope you go to see a councillor or have support. The world we all live in and circumstances can all lead to anxiety but your self harming is a real worry. At your age you should have the world at your feet, I am sure you do not want to give your family more worries so you hide the fact that you self harm. Please please get help, if you were my son I would be so worried and do everything to make you well again, all illnesses CAN be cured, you do not have a terminal illness. Think positive, dwell on the things which have made you feel good, tell your family when you feel down, we all have bad days too, I am sure you will soon be much better, but get support and think that tomorrow will be even better, you will conquer this xxx

  • I'm truly sorry for your suffering. Were you prescribed medication when you were first diagnosed? Are you still on this medication? May I ask what it is? You need to see your doctor first of all and tell him/her about everything that is happening to you. Sometimes antidepressants can actually cause depression to get worse. Only a doctor can decide if this is so in your case.

    Do not stop medication without consulting a doctor.

    Age 12 is extremely young to get depressed. Do you have any idea what triggered it? Is there a history of it in your family? Can you think of any change(s) you could make in your life right now which would help you to feel better? They don't have to be big changes. Minor ones can also make a difference. Do not make any which cannot be reversed.Please see your doctor right away and hold nothing back. There is no other way. You must do this now even if you would rather not.

    I wish I could do more for you. Please come back and tell us how you get on. Everyone here cares about you. We all know about the miseries of depression. Just try to accept the fact that it can be banished from your life with the right help.

  • Hi, I was not prescribed medication due to the fact that I'm underweight, I'm so skinny that blood flow can be heard through my chest.

  • Hi Darling,

    You are still so young. I know that sounds so cliched but you really are.

    When I was 18 I had anxiety. I was put on Citalopram about 18 months ago. Between the medication and my growing self-confidence, I don't suffer from anxiety much anymore. I no longer feel that fast-paced worry. I have a naturally fast heart rate and I can get palpitations when I'm really stressed, but I don't feel that deep anxiety I used to have. It's difficult for me to explain. I can still stress out easily but it's different now.

    Because of the anxiety I also had associated depression. At times I still get down and feel lonely but that's more due to circumstance rather than feeling complete despair like I used to.

    I really feel like my life situation has allowed me to be less anxious/stressed. For example, I was always anxious when I was at uni and was waaaay over the top when I was training to be a teacher. I was being sick and losing weight and couldn't sit still and often felt sick or had heart burn.

    Now I work consistent hours and my routines are more structured and I know what to expect of myself. Whereas before I was well out of my depth. Modern living puts heaps of extra pressure on us.

    What is your life situation like?

    For example, do you have a supportive, stable family?

    Were you bullied at school?

    How is your job?

    All these things can push you over the edge, especially when you are prone to anxiety or depression or other mental health problems.

    Much Love xx

  • Hi,

    My daughter suffers from depression self harm and keeps a diary. She found that the medication she was prescribed often made her more anxious. It's worth talking to your GP/counsellor to see if they can help.

  • Thats very sad to read, as I have almost lost my sister a few times due to bad depression and suicide. As a result I ended up with bad anxiety to the point I thought I was going mad!! You know I tried everything and so so wanted it to all just go away and be better. Only through taking some steps for myself did things start to change. You know its ok to be different, God loves you for you just the way you are right now. He wants you to be happy in your heart. I don't want to go on about it on here as people take offence. This is what worked for me to finally know I am accepted for me and he had a plan for me. If you can check out Clayton Jennings on you tube, give it a go and really listen to what he is saying. You have a whole life ahead of you and what a great help you will be to other young people when you come through this. Please try not to self harm, my sister also done this about your age and now is badly scarred on her arms. Things can and will change and I feel you really need to know your valued and how much you really mean to God. This is my personal truth, its nothing to do with religion at all. Check out Clayton Jennings and also a great band I think you will love is Being As An ocean!! Listen to the words of their songs and look into them as a band. Here if you need a friend. It seems impossible for things to change but I can only speak the truth for me, its changed a lot. Yes I have my tough days but nothing like I used to suffer. Your here on this earth for a reason and your going to be able to help a lot of people just by being honest on here is a great start.

  • Please talk to someone - posting on here is a start - at least you are sharing how you feel. Tell your family how you feel, or a friend, or go back to your GP and ask for referral for counselling. This can and will get better - believe that and particularly if you talk to someone. Keeping your thoughts to yourself can make everything seem much worse - just start talking!

    My daughter used to self harm and also suffered from depression and anxiety from around 15. She thought she was hiding it but I knew and managed to persuade her that I could help. She went for counselling and found ways to manage her feelings without medication and self harm.

    Please let us know you are ok as well.

  • Please go and discuss this with your GP as you need to possibly see someone who can calm your condition

    I you are having thoughts of suicide call the Samaritans or if really stuck you can call your GP Surgery and if this is not possible go to A and E and explain the danger you are in. They will arrange the Emergency time to see you in hospital or next day. The other way is to call the Police and explain the condition you are in and they will arrange for you to be taken to safety.

    It is very important that if you take any overdoses you must not wait and contact emergency services straight away

    Initially you really need to discuss your problems with your GP, He will assess your situation and give either medications and follow up treatments.

    If you cut you will need to go to A and E or make an appointment with your GP next day or attend A and E to sort out the cuts. If really bad and like above you are panicking you will need to call an Emergency Number for an ambulance.

    What ever you do now it is important you see your GP ASAP.