I have understood that anxiety and depression are two different Gp always asks what has caused this (episode as they say) I could list several reasons.

I have had counselling,CBT and now having mental health team visiting. Of which makes me feel I have no control. I have choices to make. I have ideas and suggestions given to me,of which sadly do not know what to do. I am so miserable,I spend most of my time crying, I feel numb and just hope I feel better soon,I feel a disgrace to my loving family. I have become extremely weak in mind and body. I have been on several different medication. I have started to wander if any medication will help.


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  • Any medication takes time to work and you may need to give them up to four weeks before they kick in well

    If a CPN is visiting you they will have talked what your problems are and certain ways where you can sort those problems. Only you can make these decisions and sometimes those conditions may not be nice and can be very hard to do.

    When you see a CPN the sessions may be only for a certain period and they can sometimes be there to help you understand ways forward. All is your decision as life is not an easy task master when it comes to hard decisions.

    We are here to help, although only you can move forward from what is affecting your life


  • Thank you Bob

  • I am sorry you are feeling so low, it is difficult to cope when you feel you are crying all the time.

    I know it sounds harsh, but rather than continuing to seek something that will help you to feel better you may find it more helpful to think about the reasons why you have become so low. I don't know whether you have written about that on the website but it will help if you are able to think back to when the low feelings began. You could write about how you feel as usually that enables the thinking part of the mind to begin to ease the feelings as they become expressed.

    Are you able to think back to a time when you felt alright and life felt reasonably good? If so then psychotherapy may be the best treatment for you as a counselling type relationship can help you to explore what changed in your life and look at the meaning of that for you. If you are not able to find good feelings in your earlier life it may be that your depression goes back to infancy in which case it may not be realistic to hope to understand what caused you to feel so low unless you can afford private long term therapy - if that is the case then medication is likely to be the most appropriate choice of treatment. It will take time for the meds to work but in time they will enable you to cope better and to not be crying all the time.

    There isn't anyone who can make you feel better so hoping there is will perpetuate your feelings of distress, but you can help yourself by thinking about what happened in your life and deciding whether you need therapy or meds.


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