I feel like I want to die

So I get into arguements with my mum and brother almost everyday...

My brother pushes me and punches me and my mum dosent do anything about it and I'm the one who gets the blame.

she tells me that my dad don't care about me. My friends all ignore me and go off with eachother.

At times I feel like I have no best friend and I feel alone.

This makes me feel like everyone's life is better without me. I always feel like killing myself.

Is there any way of making me stop having these thoughts??


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3 Replies

  • Hi Molcole,

    I'm so sorry you are going through that. I'm here for you. Believe me, we all are going through things so you are not alone! First congrats that you found us here, I just found this site too.

    Are u able to see a doctor to talk about this too? I'm sorry I don't want to say the wrong thing as I'm no doctor but please don't hurt yourself! Is there somewhere you can go to help you get through this? I don't know if you are a teen or not so I'm guessing you still live at home. Do you have any relatives you can talk to?

    Whatever you do first, please get to a doc and explain everything you going thru. The doc may have many resources for you.

    Once again, we are all here for you!!!


  • MOLCOLE - I am a social worker and believe me when say there is absolutely no reason to kill yourself - we all die younger than we wish.

    It sounds to me like you have Depression which is a very serious illness without treatment - this is what to do: call a family doctor and get in to see him or her immediately = you should be given Zoloft or some other anti depressant and you will be just fine. Do iti right now and don't even think of doing anything to yourself.

    My name is Jenny and \I want you to contact me when you have done that. \ok? Life IS worth living - believe me; I am on Zoloft and \I am just fine.

  • Please you must go and see a doctor abd be referred for talking therapy where you can work out your feelings and communicate how you are feeling to your brother and mum. Your mum might just not be able to cope with your brothers actions and your feelings. She may have issues of her own going on or just cannot communicate. It doesnt mean your life is not worth anything. Sometimes after relationship breakdowns, the only way is for all parties to make a change to break the pattern and I speak from personal experience when I say the relationship can be rebuilt stronger.

    Please do not suffer alone. Contact young minds. They advise young people on family issues and depression. Sometimes life has to get really bad for it to get better.

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