Computers BAH HUMBUG

Hello Everyone

Had a wonderful time with the old laptop, thought it had taken itself to the big keyboard in the sky and my emails had gone to the place of all bad, evil computers

Yesterday I had, enough of the thing as I was having troubles with all my interactions with the internet and was not getting my posts


When I started to dump a large amount of crude more posts came to life and the traitor began to display a dearth of messages and programs that seemed to appear from God only knows, some stuff dating back two months or so that seemed to have been sent to the Bermuda Triangle of electronic messages.

All seemed to have gone pear shaped when the machine was in getting serviced about two month ago, so I will need to have words with those who are supposed to understand all things Laptop.

Sad to say there was a great deal of mail that came to the surface and so I need to say sorry to all those who I did not reply to. The list goes on and on and I have spent most of the day contacting those who I was supposed to contact, Some of the stuff was important and I noticed some stuff from people here and if you expected a reply I am sorry if I did not reply, believe me it was not intentional and I am still wondering where all this missing stuff had taken a Holiday too. All the problems have been a real pain and some of the messages were important to do with voluntary work.

Now I have given this evil machine a solid ticking of and sorted it out, I suppose it is getting old now and I suppose it needed a good cleaning out. It was like peeling an onion I was finding stuff that had been in the computer for four years. So I suppose I will need a new machine

Now I suppose I will need to have words with the Techs and find out what was wrong. One thing the damn thing is working much better now as I was able to get rid of over four hundred entries that should have not been there. I suppose it had suffered a Mental Breakdown and life had been to much for the horror

All the best


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  • ah computers - use em - but HATE em !! - spend more time cursing mine - running defrag and clean out programs that i care to mention - and STILL the stupid machine fights me - so you are NOT alone here - but i was brough up in the era BEFORE computers - digital watches - mobile whatevers - and even calculators where unheard of - so bit of a luddite me .lol - i LIKE OLD TECH that you can fix with a bent screwdriver and a BIG hammer !! - so its a good job i dont drive these days as i could not be doing with a car that had all the modern day ( unfixable ) gizmos in it - i'm a points and plugs man meself ................... and people call me a TECHNAPHOBE .......................... lmao

    all the best :-)

  • Oh lappys love them or hate them. Glad you got it sorted and gave it a good telling off. By the way how do you clean up a lappy (I am on windows 8) please? Never done mine. x

  • Hi Bob. , I thiught you were going to see you had rushed out and

    Purchased a new PC. Anyway good to hear from you and glad your sorted,

    How are hazel and Pax, hope they are well.

    Hannah xx

  • Hello Hannah

    All are fine, we have just returned from caravan and it was wonderfully peaceful.

    How are you


  • Hello Hannah

    Cannot afford a new one yet, as soon as Hazel cannot stand this unruly piece of tech, She will get me a new one

    All the best