On Saturday morning I was woken up by my new next door neighbour doing DIY. He is doing up the house to rent out and doesn't live there. That was bad enough but every morning since I have woken up at 5.45 even though there is no one there. How can I stop this? I am so tired and I don't know how I can cope with so little sleep and work. Anyone got any tips?

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  • Hi

    Not too sure how to stop that as I sometimes have that problem (not the annoying DIY fanatic next door but the waking early). It is frustrating & can leave you feeling really tired and/or grumpy. I would imagine your body would stop doing that in time & you'll return to your normal sleeping pattern. Until then are you able to go to bed a little earlier? The downside to this could be that you get enough sleep & wake early again I guess. For during the day when I'm tired I sometimes drink an energy drink - I don't like coffee or tea. The downside to that is that they aren't good for you & if I have too many it can upset my stomach, but hey at least it means I'm awake for the mad dash to the loo... Sorry may have shared a little too much then. Am also tired but in a weird mood with it.

    Good luck - maybe someone else will be along soon with more useful suggestions :)


  • Hi

    Welcome to the site if you are new? I haven't seen your name before so if you are new then I hope we can support you as we have all experienced depression and are a friendly group of people. When you feel up to it we would welcome your support too.

    I know what you mean about being woken early by DIY neighbours - and it is particularly annoying when the owner is not even going to live in the property. We have had a similar situation for almost % years - with builders converting the adjoining house but being in no hurry to do so as they don't wish to sell until the recession bottoms out... I do feel for you.

    Now you are stuck in a habit of waking very early and that is a habit that is difficult to break. I had a similar sleep pattern for quite some time and didn't find it helped going to bed later, in fact the opposite was true. All I can suggest is to read something you enjoy before sleeping, read until you are tired, be warm enough to sleep well and when you do wake go to the loo which often stops us falling back to sleep, then curl up comfortably again and don't try to sleep. Just think about things you like and people you enjoy being with and you may find you fall back to sleep if you are really tired. If not then you may just need to let it take it's own time to alter.

    If you are tired at work having a mini catnap can be helpful if there is an opportunity, in the car at lunchtime if you have one but get someone to wake you - or else a short sleep as soon as you get home.


  • Thanks Sue

    I have been on this site for a while and although I read a lot of posts I don't tend to post much. I will try your recommendations tonight. I just couldn't believe it that I woke up at 5.44 on the dot this morning!

    Take care Tracey x

  • You too, sorry I didn't recognise your user name, I am useless at holding that kind of info in mind!

  • Thanks James.

    I have started back at work this week after Easter Hols and I hope that getting back into a routine will help. It is so annoying though isn't it?, waking up and next door neighbours... The ironic thing is that when the neighbours moved in 2 years ago, the other side they did DIY until at least 1am. At least they are not doing DIY at the same time!


  • have you spoken to them.are they approachable?If you cnat talk to them I would complain to the council ,there are time restrictions on noise and I think its 7am.

  • Yes...you are correct, building noise before 7am is considered a nuisance noise but before reporting it to the council you need to make a paper 'log' of the date and time you have been disturbed and keep one copy and submit the other to the council with your letter of complaint.

    Out of interest, have you tried sleeping with 'ballistics' earplugs? They are mouldable, squishy and very good as they are used by the police and military in shooting training. You should be able to purchase them quite easily and cheaply at either Boots or on Amazon. They have a very good decibel 'cut out' range. If you get some perhaps you could try putting the receipt plus a short and polite note, stapled together through your neighbours letterbox.

    Good luck,


  • Hello you! I haven't seen you posting for ages! How's things?(apart from gone sleep deprivation!) You teach don't you, if I remember correctly? It's a hard enough day with the right amount of sleep, let alone without! It could be the brighter mornings that are waking you? I'm not sure how to help as I often have dodgy nights myself, but I wanted you to know I was thinking of you! X

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