Still not great

Thought I was starting to get things under control, but tomorrow have some training at work with the rest of the staff and already feel really anxious. I am dreading being in a room with lots of people and have already taken extra 150mg quetiepine since I got home to help with the anxiety.

I feel so pathetic that I can't cope with something so simple without working myself up into a state.


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6 Replies

  • Hey Raymond

    Please don't feel pathetic lots of people who don't suffer with anxiety would feel anxious about this too. It's all about not knowing what is going to happen at the training.

    We always imagine the worst case scenarios and thinking about it we make far far worse than it will be..there will be a few people nervous about it I bet, it's just that you think your the only one.

    These days trainers are aware that there are nervous or anxious people in their sessions and allow for that. I know it won't stop you worrying or getting anxious about it. But it will be ok. Training is to help you in your roles not to make you feel bad and they won't want to make you or anyone else on the training feel bad.

    Try and take your mind off it this evening to at least try and have a good nights sleep, I know that's easier said than done, be kind to yourself. This time tomorrow the training will be done.

    Let us know how it goes,

    Sue x

  • Feel better now training is over, I did find it difficult but managed without taking any extra meds (swimming first helped) so feel quite proud of myself.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply to me.

  • I'm so pleased that is over for you. Well done :)

    Sue x

  • Well done for coping In spite of not feeling great. That will make

    You feel that you actually have used your coping skills. Have

    A nice relaxing evening now, as these ordeals can be very draining.


  • Hello

    How do you manage in a work/office environment.??

    When I feel unsettled in a room that happens quite a lot, I imagine either they are walking around naked or dressed as clowns or any other ideas you may have. Mind it is only make believe.

    Many people at these things are just as nervous as you feel, no-one knows what is going to happen so all is the same and it can be a great leveller. I have problems where I am unable to mix with so called normal people and I prefer to be left alone so you are not alone with these feelings of anxiety. Just take one deep breath and you may be surprised how well all can go

    Good Luck, Keep a Hold



  • Hi. I have my own office and work pretty much most of the time on my own, which is great if I am having a bad day.....week.....month....

    The thought of having to mix is worrying me.

    I'm glad you have recovered from your sedation.

    Going to bed now as feel really tired.

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