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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME yep, I'm still here


I decided as a birthday gift to myself I would indulge in a small rant. I have always understood that changes are difficult for those of us with mental health issues, and yet unnecessary changes seem to always be occurring on site. This is not the warm and caring place it once was. There used to be a feeling of community and now there is a feeling of concern for numbers instead of individuals. It could be this is my own misguided feeling, but I doubt it . Most do not approach the administration out of fear of reprisal. So many who were members of this site for years have left in the last 6 months. It is such a shame as they were the ones who gave experienced advice and had stayed on to help others. Apparently something not appreciated by our administrators . Pam

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Happy birthday Pam have a good one

Am I being too harsh on the administration ? I know they can take it, but getting negative feed back is an unpleasant thing. I still meant what I said but in a nice way. I thought getting older was suppose to make you more mellow. It hasn't happened to me yet still waiting. I was 71 if anyone wants to know. I had a nice day, I was taken to a place called Firefox Eatery. I loved it because it was so eclectic. One part was a school bus and another table was in the back of a truck, there was an ice shanty area , a hunters blind with a deer butt on the wall . Many items from the 40s and 50s. Chairs didn't match nor did the dishes and cutlery. The food was delicious and I will certainly go back for a dining experience.Pam

Hi there, and I'm so pleased you enjoyed your birthday meal. I have only been on this section of HU for a few months although I've been on the Thyroid Section for probably a couple of years now. The Thyroid section is the most amazing forum, helpful, friendly, funny at times, and they have given me a mass of knowledge to improve my health. This section though is very different. It does seem that folk don't interact much. I had been thinking it was because they are all depressed :-)

I've been trying to get across on this Mental Health Support section that mental health illnesses are frequently a physical illness. If you take a look at a recent post; the lady had been diagnosed with all sorts of mental health illnesses. The army of ladies on Thyroid section who have recovered swooped down to help her


I do agree with you sweetiepye, and was thinking about contacting The Nurse. Big hugs x

I noticed the thyroid incident also. An example of this forum at it's best. Hugs all around.

Happy birthday Pam -- have a good day, sounds like it's going well.

Unfortunately everything changes when it gets bigger. I think it's a great forum but it has grown hugely in the short time I've been on here.

Have a good year ahead.

I expect you're right. Thank you

Photogeek in reply to sweetiepye

Pam belated Happy Birthday to you and I hope it was a lovely day for you;

Pam the site has changed and I just think it’s too anonymous and people come and go and there is very little stability or continuity: so when I saw your cri de Coeur I did understand your feelings; It was always great to read your advice to others and I for one valued and still value you as one whose advice I would heed; You have maturity and insight laced with a great sense of no nonsense and empathy:


Happy Birthday Pam. I'm glad you had a good time :)

Yes the site has changed; so many people. I am one of the "oldies" on here who's been on for a while. I still look on here a lot but don't reply as much as I did because there are so many people just coming on for a short time and there is less "regular" contact. Though I am trying again at the moment as I do believe us "oldies" are still looking and may be encouraged to reply if we know that some of us are still around!


I hope you are right. There were many that were such a help to me , and they were so tolerant. I miss them. I'm glad you're still here.


Happy Birthday ~enjoy your day ~as far as Admin go lulu1 on Anxiety site is brilliant ~she really helped me when I had trouble with a scammer ~don't know anything else about any of the others tho .Anyways treat yourself to something you enjoy today 🎂🎂xx

sweetiepye in reply to Hidden

Thank you for the birthday wishes I have had a great time. As for the administration I don't have a problem with individuals. They've been very helpful. It's them as a whole when they make arbitrary decisions and we lose members and the whole feeling of the site changes. Back to birthday... I guess I should go shopping today as per your order to do something I enjoy. Pam

Hi Pam

Happy Birthday (belated now, sorry) hope it was a good one. I remember when I first joined the site coming across some posts where someone had created an imaginary garden. It sounded great and ther were a core group in it. I guess it is just down to the amount of folks that things like that don't happen anymore. Having been away from the site for a while, it had only just gone to the Shaw Trust when I left so don't know about the Admin.

Still I am always happy to hear what you have to say, it has definitely helped me.

Hope you have a great day, Matt

Thank you Matt, you always cheer me up. There are a lot more people on here now and I sense they are looking for attachments. We all need that , and sometimes are families are not the ones we want to confide in. Our cyber families fill that need. I never imagined I would be involved in something like this or how helpful it can be. Change isn't something I dislike, it's the silly unnecessary changes which I feel destroys our comfort. As we get used to things we get a name change or another new administrator . It makes one feel like a chess piece.By the by how have you been? I always imagine you as being so busy. Pam

Hi Pam

Fighting all the way at the moment I have a report deadline in and had to do a public talk last night which have pretty much taken all my reserves. Going into work a bit later today (lucky enough to have flexi-time), get a cup of tea and just try and concentrate on one thing. The voices telling me how awful me talk was and how pathetic I looked etc will have to shut the hell up! My mum is coming up for a visit on Wednesday and I have a couple of days off work so I am looking forward to it.

I am doing the best I can and I guess that is all we can ever do. Right, best fighting trousers on - to the office and beyond😀 (Well maybe not beyond, I may just have nap).

We will speak again, Matt

Happy Belated Birthday sweetiepye

sweetiepye in reply to Satsuma

Thank you. It's good to hear from you. I'm glad you are doing well. We could use some of your wonderful creativity around here. It is missed. Pam

Satsuma in reply to sweetiepye

Bless you and Thank you .. Yes I would like to exercise my creative streak more .. In what way can I oblige ?

sweetiepye in reply to Satsuma

Well a little poetry would be inspiring , perhaps a song, or your ideas on any subject.No pressure lol.

Satsuma in reply to sweetiepye

Oh ok I get you .. Watch this space baby haha

sweetiepye in reply to Satsuma

Trying to hold my horses.

Pam lovely to see your still here; I will try and check in more regularly as I do believe in service and giving something back To those in trouble,


Hear hear you are not alone in feeling like this good to hear someone brave enough to tell it like it is David

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