Anyone else feel like they have a finite amount of energy?

A while ago I got called in to see my section manager. He said that he'd seen a serious drop in the quality of my work, which was fair. Because of how I'd been feeling, having no motivation, I wasn't working hard at all, and what I did do wasn't very good. But outside work, things were fairly good, I did a lot, made sure I saw friends regularly etc to keep my head above the water.

Anyway, the theme of this meeting was essentially that I needed to sort my work out, and fairly sharpish. So I made a concerted effort and sure enough have got the standard of my work back up. Except now that's taking so much out of me that outside work my life has plummeted. I don't go out so much apart from to the gym...things I did for myself have fallen by the wayside and I haven't seen friends at all really. Seems like I have a fixed amount of energy, I can either be good at my job or good at my life. I want to be good at my life but can't afford not to be good at my job...

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  • It sounds like you are suffering from depression in its early stages, or maybe you've felt like this for a while.? Have you been to your GP? Are you taking any medications? I really feel you need to talk to someone honestly about how you're feeling. A big lack of motivation and energy are classic symtoms of depression, and sadly if you ignore these feelings now you may end up feeling worse. This is only a suggestion, but maybe you need to take some time off work and get some support around you with the way you're feeling. Definitely see your GP and make efforts to get the support you need. Don't see this as a failure however. Its not a failure and you are not a failure. Your job is not your entire life. I've taken time off work after starting a new job recently because I couldn't cope with the stress. I couldn't care less about what might happen, since my health is the most important thing, so I am taking one day at a time and doing my best to feel better. Keep posting.

  • I know exactly how you feel. This is a constant problem for me. To do my job well, I have to invest a massive amount of my own time. When I have no motivation whatsoever to do it, I makes me panic about failing at work and so the depressive cycle goes round again X

  • There is all the energy in the world except when it comes to one's own expectations of oneself - or those hurdlles one thinks one has to 'uber-hurdle'. Think of setting your own limits - they will be your own - and then 'quitting' the race for others' medals. Any achievements gained are for you. And your standard is yours. Nobody knows this better than yourself. People know what's right - human nature and a quiet dialogue with own reason. Fear and unhappiness are infringements - but meant to be dealt with meaningfully. Our minds have the most wondrous legs - allow them free rein/reign!

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