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Your 'teeth and gums' could be CAUSING your PD!

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Even though I had the last of my mercury fillings removed a few months ago... and a root canal on another tooth... I know I need additional dental work that I've been putting off... until I read this:

"Two Cases of Parkinson’s Disease for Which Dental Treatment Was Effective"


"The purpose of this study is to document the improvement observed in two cases of Parkinson’s disease (PD) after dental treatment."

"The first subject is a man in his 60s with severe Parkinson’s disease; medication has not been very effective in this case. Prior to treatment, he was unable to stand without support due to rigidity. Just after removing as much of the dental infection as possible, he was able to walk, albeit slowly, and as a result of continuing treatment, one month later, the symptoms had significantly improved."

"The second subject is a woman in her 40s, who became aware of joint stiffness seven years ago, and was later diagnosed with PD independently at three hospitals. Her main symptoms were rigidity, knee pain, and speech disorder. The dopamine medication worked well against rigidity, but the symptoms reappeared after the medication stopped working."

"Her condition was significantly improved just after one tooth with an apical lesion was extracted. Although the underlying mechanism has not been clarified, I hypothesize that, at least in these cases, negative signals that passed through the trigeminal nerve to the midbrain affected predominantly the dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra of the midbrain. Removal of the harmful signals from the oral area resulted in normalization of the substantia nigra. Further research should be promoted with dental and medical cooperation."

21 Replies
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watch this amazing video!


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TL500 in reply to PDWarrior1900

Are you able to get the second case video? It doesn't let me. Thanks

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PDWarrior1900 in reply to TL500

me neither, did not open... but lots of details about the second case in the link provided in my post

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TL500 in reply to PDWarrior1900

I just wanted to see how she looks like... Thanks

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I honestly believe I was poisoned getting my mercury fillings removed many years ago

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TL500 in reply to Manypony

After diagnosed with PD?

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Manypony in reply to TL500

no, many years previous

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TL500 in reply to Manypony

And because of that thus pd?

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Manypony in reply to TL500

who knows

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PDWarrior1900 in reply to Manypony

why? what happened?

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Manypony in reply to PDWarrior1900

I just could tell the procedure was new and unfamiliar to my dentist and they struggled to keep the dam in place and material was not properly confined

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Bonzu in reply to Manypony

To be as safe as possible the dentist should use a rubber dam and profuse water and good suction to prevent inhaling the mercury vapour when the amalgam filling is removed.

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Gimme a break! In three days, I’ve heard 4 causes of PD - teeth and gums, particulate matter, round-up weed killer, and severe concussions! I’ve had problems, with all 4 of these causes, so I wonder which one, or did they all, contribute to my getting PD! Maybe ‘tis a mystery!

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PDWarrior1900 in reply to ddmagee1

nobody knows what causes PD... likely there are MANY causes... and each of us has our own particular strain... our own symptoms... BOTTOM LINE: get as healthy as you can, in every possible way

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Yes,totally agree with the causative issues with oral health. There are also parasites,present in the mouth, nigral tissue and the heart, namely nocardia asteroides that have been discovered as main players effecting striatal tissue..

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I've also found associations between dental health and dementia:

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PDWarrior1900 in reply to Gibberesh

good post, thanks!

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and what can be a reasonable way that one can check if the teeth are causing issues ? other than removing them all ?

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A few cautions

1) there are many parkinsonisms which are not idiopathic parkinsons disease. Drug induced Parkinsonsism is the prime example

2) an open label report regarding 2 individuals tells you nothing.

3) as DDMagee points out - there are lots of things blamed, some of which may have a partial effect, but not all of which can be THE cause

Ask yourself a simple question. How many over 60's do you think there are in the Western world WITH mercury fillings but WITHOUT Parkinsons disease?

If I carried out a clinical trial, and reported that 499 out of 500 people with mercury fillings don't get Parkinsons Disease, you'd be in the chair having them all filled

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PDWarrior1900 in reply to WinnieThePoo

well of course you make good points... personally i think my PD is in my (FAT) 'gut'.

Today is day #292 of my O.M.A.D. diet (eating just one meal a day -- all of my calories eaten within a 2 hour window)... I've lost close to 60 pounds! And I still eat... chips... veggie/cauliflower pizza ... meat... potatoes... but all in small portions ... i'm average this last month... UNDER 1,500 calories for my 'one meal a day' ... I have another 30 pounds to lose to get back to my weight when i was in my early 30's (about 40 years ago, I'm 70)


As for the mercury fillings... It is very wise to get them all removed. "Mercury" is one of the most lethal poisons and God knows why/how/who invented it to go INSIDE OUR MOUTHS, permanently!

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