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A Report of 10 cases of Parkinson's Disease cured by Xifengzhizhan pills and Xifengzhizhan capsules

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Any thoughts appreciated




Parkinson's disease (PD) is a chronic progressive degeneration disease of the central nervous system of Extrapyramidal system. The main pathological changes are the degeneration of the substantia nigra striatum, lack of dopamine in the brain, causing clinical performance: static tremor, muscle rigidity, slow movement and abnormal posture. It is one of the worldwide medical problems, at present, modern medicine thinks that PD is an incurable and permanent disease. However, in my long-term clinical work, I have cured many cases of PD patients by using Xifengzhizhan pills and Xifenzhizhan capsules, and I have found and proved that Chinese Medicine can cure PD.

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Allied Academies is a reportedly fraudulent corporation[1][2] chartered under the laws of North Carolina. Its postal address is in London, United Kingdom.[3] It presents itself as an association of scholars, with supporting and encouraging research and the sharing and exchange of knowledge as its stated aims.en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/All...

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Thanks, Farooqji , for letting us know. We can't trust blindly everything we read on the internet. Take care

I do not accept or trust this article's validity. True studies are not anecdotal and are a double blind study using both the active medication and a placebo. No one knows who received which until the end of the study. They also report on more than 10 patients' results.

Eh-h-h-h. Nope.

I'm a Chinese herbalist and I don't believe it. Also a western trained veterinarian.

I have analyzed this systematic review of TCM: Herbal Medicine Formulas for Parkinson’s Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trials. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...

I have not posted my analysis, however I found four ingredients that were common to various TCM formulas that reported improvement in motor symptoms in randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials.. Among those 4 ingredients, probably 3 have been used in the above cited study: "The main components of Xifeng zhichan Pills are: Shudi, cornel meat, medlar, chrysanthemum, Ligustrum lucidum, Gastrodia elata, uncaria, polygonatum, asparagus, etc. The main components of Xifengzhizhan capsules are: white peony root, ejiao, turtle shell, cistanche deserticola, natural ground, radix scrophulariae, radix bidentata, etc." The white peony root caused me dystonia.

The "asparagus" listed in the current paper is probably in error. According to this study: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl... The corresponding ingredient of Zichan is Astragalus, not asparagus. Astragalus also caused me dystonia.

I have yet to try the Uncaria. Perhaps I will try that next.

Update: Uncaria at less than the recommended dose in the evening caused me diarrhea in the morning, so that is off my list.

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MBAnderson in reply to park_bear

What would we do without you p_b?

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What goes through your mind perhaps is doing an analysis of the information. What goes through my mind is, 'If this really resolved Parkinson's, is this the way we would learn about?'

I wonder what is the possibility, i.e., what are the odds that a successful therapy could exist without the knowledge becoming widespread very quickly and commonly used around the world?

If it really works, people doing research on Parkinson's would all end up in the same place -- the description of the therapy. If we look something up that is already well established and settled, that is, no longer controversial or unknown, we would all end up with the same information.

For example, there's not a lot of controversy around diabetes II. people recently diagnosed with diabetes end up with the same information very quickly. There are not forums exploring the cause and offering a myriad of therapies.

At some point in time it would sweep the mainstream news media and everybody's brother would know about it. "Oh, you have Parkinson's. This is where you go and this is what you do." -- don't you think?

Don't we get to apply this to all such post?

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PR budgets make all the difference. If we have an effective patentable compound that has made it through phase 3 testing, it can receive a fat chunk of the $20 billion annual Pharma budget for publicity. If we have a natural compound such as cinnamon or thiamine there is no PR budget. In such cases the only notice may be what appears in a published study.

Just by the way type II diabetes not a whole lot different in this regard:

Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines | Sarah Hallberg | TEDxPurdueU


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I have reversed mine purely by 16/8 IF. My FBS and PPS are within range and HbA1C is 4.3 now.

I practically eat everything and as much I want in the 8 hrs window

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MBAnderson in reply to JayPwP

I'm a little surprised 16/8 is enough to accomplish 4.3. You're lucky. Do you think the average person would benefit that much from the same schedule?

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I am average person. I used to eat sweets also during 8 hr window, then my A1C used to be around 5.2

Before 16/8, A1C used to be 7.3 to 8.0, and FBS 160, PPS 250

My Father in law, used to be 400 PPS even after taking glimepiride 10mg + Metformin 500mg tid, and insulin 25 points morning, 30 points at dinner.

He has come off all diabetes medication including insulin after starting 16/8

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Jay that’s fantastic. Did you notice that your PD has not progressed since you started IF? Did your symptoms subside at all?

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I have no way of knowing the progression rate with and without IF. I think it might have slowed

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Hi Jay can you please elaborate on the name of medicine you took to reverse your Parkinson disease? I appreciate your prompt reply.

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Hello F15,

This is Fireball XL5 here


My PD is not cured yet, however it's progression may have been delayed due to intermittent fasting

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MBAnderson in reply to park_bear

Yeah, good point making type II diabetes a bad example (for me to have used as something where there is consensus.)

So, so long as it has a PR budget, it'll make the mainstream media, otherwise someone may find a cure for Parkinson's with a natural compound and it'll be some obscure study that 1 of us on HU finds.

We actually don't have a healthcare system -- when the money flows from treating illness with synthesized molecules.

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Bianhua in reply to park_bear

Thank you Very useful

I googled these unpronounceable names and asked what they consisted of. Couldn't get full details but some of the ingredients eg turtle shell turned me off trying to support them. I may be gullible and hopeful but I'd prefer to read a more scientific report.

That's a combination of 45 pills and capsules / day. I sure hope it is a cure as taking that many supplements a day would be hard as they are not taken all at once. That would be hard for most PwP, but even more so for those with swallowing problems!


just another company that puts a lot of people rushing to the drug store i really hate to see that as we get our hopes high, then we see people getting sick with some of the drugs we take..well one day some one will find a cure..im waiting for that day..happy new year to all my parkie friends..

Sorry for the post

When you see the word CURE used..............

Wow 😳

Both Wikipedia and Google are in bed with the pharmaceutical industry and they censor anything that goes against what is prescribed. Check censored web sites to find out the truth.

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Have a look at the following web site: noelbatten.com/parkinsons-d.... It looked interesting to me.

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I sent at least 5 emails to Noel but no response. Also posted about his theory in one of my posts / replies

Sorry about your experience. I only learned of his web site today and I sent an E-mail for more information but haven't heard from him yet. Since he is in Australia, I surmised that it was either late at night or early in the morning there. So I wasn't to concerned about receiving a reply yet. Perhaps you sent your E-mails over a longer period of time. So I can understand about your disappointment. Could there be delays because of lock down in Australia?

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Actually I tried 6 months before the pandemic started

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I have another solution for you. There is a book written by a doctor back in the 70s. His name was Carl Pheiffer, He had a Ph.D. and he was an M.D. as well. The name of the book is "Mental and Elemental Nutrients." With the help of a lady friend, we used this book to cure my sister of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is related to Parkinson's Disease.They both deal with the flow of dopamine in the brain. With Parkinson's Disease, there is

a shortage of the flow of dopamine and with schizophrenia, there is too much flow of dopamine. Since his program worked for regulating the flow of dopamine, I believe that it will work to do the same thing for Parkinson's Disease. It took one year to cure my sister. She had been on heavy prescription drugs for ten years before she used this solution. It has been 40 years ago that she was cured and she has been off all prescription drugs since then. She worked up until the age of 76 and she is still alive and

fully functional at the age of 81. My wife has Parkinson's Disease but I am unable to convince her of this remedy even though she knows it worked for my sister. Can you imagine my frustration?

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I will try

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The book was published in 1975 and this doctor was affiliated with the Bio Brain Centre in Princeton, New Jersey (USA). The ISBN is 0-87983-114-6. It was published by Keats Publishing, Inc. in New Canaan, Connecticut. Good Luck to you.

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Schizophrenia may increase Parkinson’s disease risk


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P1800 in reply to TomGreen

Hello Tom😊,This sounds interesting.

It was hard finding this book online. Does it contain any “prescription” for PD? Is it possible to just make a short summary of that?

Have a nice day

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TomGreen in reply to P1800

The contents of this book has to do with any mental health conditions. Because both Parkinson's Disease and Schizophrenia involve the flow of dopamine in the brain, the solution is the same. With Schizophrenia, there is too much dopamine flow in the brain and with Parkinson's Disease there is too little flow of dopamine. Dr. Pheiffer uses megavitamin therapy and detoxification to regulate the dopamine flow. It works.

He uses high doses of Niacin and Vitamin C along with a good multi vitamin. If you can't find the book online, I would suggest you write to the publisher.

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Please continue

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P1800 in reply to TomGreen

Thank you so much for your answer but it’s cut off in the middle of a sentence. Could you please paste in the rest of your reply. This is interesting:)!

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Thank you very much Tom🌞!

It is very difficult to know what is true or false because so much fake news is provided to confuse anyone who is searching for the truth. This is particularly true with the medical establishment being controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. They want to cause you to

question everything so that you won't take any action. I can honestly tell you that my sister

was diagnosed with schizophrenia over 40 years ago and the consultant told me that there was no cure for her condition. She is currently 81 years old and she has not had Parkinson's

Disease over the last 40 years. She does not have schizophrenia now and she has a sound

mind as any normal person. How could she have been employed on a full time job up till the

age of 76 if she had schizophrenia or Parkinson's Disease?

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JayPwP in reply to TomGreen

Hi Tom, increased risk means likelihood, not definitive. Its extremely good that your sister doesn't have PD. I think it might be due to your timely intervention and curing her with the help of the book

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Schizophrenia is the opposite of Parkinson’s disease. One is caused by too much dopamine and the other by too little. That’s why over medicated schizophrenics end up with drug induced Parkinson’s.

The reason she is O.K. is because she stayed away from all prescription medicines and she used nutritional supplements and was careful about her diet. The human body is self healingand if you put the right food and supplements in your body, your immune system will take care of the rest.

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TomGreen in reply to TomGreen

I did mention that earlier but your explanation is much better. You have explained why one condition leads to the other because of too many medications.

How? More info please.

I my name is Sabrina and my brother ha same sintom if Parkinson but mostly is gocussi g on mold intossicati on were you practicing in USA?