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New Method May Help Diagnose Parkinson’s Using a Blood Test

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"A novel method that involves looking for disease-associated alpha-synuclein inside of neuron-derived extracellular vesicles — packets of cellular cargo that are released by nerve cells in the brain, and can be isolated in a person’s blood — may help to diagnose and monitor the progression of Parkinson’s disease."

"A team of scientists in Germany described their new approach in the study, “Detection of neuron-derived pathological [alpha]-synuclein in blood,” published in Brain."

“The protocol described here offers the development of a biochemical blood-based test for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease,” the scientists wrote."



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You may be interested in this also....🥊

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i just checked my multi- minerals -- it has COPPER! i just STOPPED taking them!THANKS AGAIN for the link!

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No problem. I found that article about 5 minutes before I read your post about alpha-synuclein .

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Copper in large quantities it says. You do need some!

900 mcg

It's recommended that adults get 900 mcg of copper per day. However, if you're pregnant or breastfeeding, you should get slightly more — 1 mg or 1.3 mg per day, respectively.

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This deserves its own topic.

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Really interesting and just a thought but all plumbing in houses in the UK is copper piping i wonder if any of this gets in our drinking water system ?

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Am I the only person that does not want a diagnosis?

I look at this like Scherzinger's cat: As long as I am not diagnosed, there is the possibility I am okay.

Nicole Scherzinger's cat
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This really is very intriguing. Yes I'd say this is something to follow as much as possible.

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Hmmmm ...

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