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PD and ovarian cancer.

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hi everyone. I have a fast track appointment on Saturday with a gaenocologist. It seems that I may have ovarian cancer. Does anyone have any advice , what questions I should ask, how this affects my PD In fact anything at all.

I have contacted my PD specialist and am awaiting a reply and have read the NICE directive

12 Replies
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I am praying for your recovery M-o-ggy.

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Ask forinvestigations to start and run quickly to ensure treatmentstart is swift.

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This is the site of an organization that is in the US but maybe there would be information on this site that could be helpful ocrahope.org/patients/

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Three very potent things you can discuss with your oncologist if they are open to them are Melatonin as it relates to ovarian cancer as it may have synergy with multiple chemo agents as well as with radiotherapy while having protective effects against the negative aspects of these two modalities of cancer treatment and itself offering oncostatic effects with a very good safety profile.





Another consideration is Berberine :





And lastly Silver Nanoparticles (AgNPs) :





These three supplements at the dosing required are all likely to have very good safety profiles along with synergy with standard treatment modalities while offering antimetastatic, apoptotic, cell cycle arrest and general negative effects on ovarian cancer and certainly are worthy of discussion with your oncologist. It is also worth noting that both Berberine and Melatonin have shown benefit in PwP, while AgNPs have only shown benefit in an animal model of PD.


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Sorry to hear.

Good you've contacted your PD specialist.

Just make sure you get your PD meds on time at hospital in a timely fashion.

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A major teaching hospital didn’t have my PD medication for the first 36 hours of my hospitalization last year. Fortunately I carry an emergency supply and I was allowed to take it with a nurse present. Keep extra pills but don’t discuss unless there’s a problem. Praying for your recovery!

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Shrink44 in reply to Lionore

Same thing happened to my husband when he had DBS SURGERY. Also a major teaching hospital that performs DBS surgery often. I had his medication with me, but it was in a pill box -not the prescription bottle , so I had to sneak them to him. This was during Covid- so I technically wasn’t supposed to be allowed to stay in his room with him.

I made a pretty significant scene and INSISTED on a waiver , to allow me to stay with him.

Seriously - the nurse would close her eyes while I gave him his meds.

Shame on hospitals who aren’t prepared for this!!!!

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1. Iodine prevents cancer "seeding" from surgery. Get your iodine levels up - nearly everyone is deficient.

2. It's scary to get a cancer diagnosis, remember getting the PD one? Take the time you need before making major decisions.

3. Cancer is an autoimmune disease that means it's inflammation driven. PD involves neuroinflammation. No wonder cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and autoimmune diseases run together. You need to get a handle on inflammation.

Think of inflammation like a wildfire with different hotspots in your body - how are you going to put them out? This is where holistic medicine shines.

Personally, I would be seeking holistic care. Check out the Joe Tippens protocol.


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I have no advice. I’m just sending positive vibes and hoping you will be ok. It would be unfair to have to deal with both.

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M-o-ggy in reply to Astra7

It is another to add to the list :-). Just that this one is likely to develop quite quickly.

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Gioc in reply to M-o-ggy

No!M-o-ggy, as a member, like you ,of this forum of runaways from home, rebellious and full of desire to live well, I completely disagree with your last statement. And I reject any comment until definitive diagnosis.

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M-o-ggy in reply to Gioc


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