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Self injecting thiamine

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I’ve ordered injectable thiamine as I’m not sure I absorb supplements. I mistakenly ordered 50mg vials and tried it the other day. I was VERY nervous injecting and it was a big needle. Does anyone else self inject and if so can you give me tips on making it easier. I don’t have a tremor usually but I started shaking with fear when trying to fill the syringe and stick it in my thigh.

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I think the highest priority is keeping the stuff sterile. I'd recommend you call the pharmacist back and ask him/her what the protocols are for doing so. This is important.

Wipe the vial with alcohol before and after the withdraw. We don't let the vial touch anything but sterile pads & clean gloves, otherwise bacteria will move up the bottle. We keep it in a Ziploc bag in the refrigerator. We only handle the syringes with clean gloves. Inspect the syringe each time after you fill it. If it gets foggy, it's contaminated and has to be thrown out.

It's not advisable to inject yourself with infectious bacteria.

You'll get used to it and it won't be a big deal. Re the size of the needle, it needs to be long enough to ensure the injection is going into muscle.

What size needles and syringes are you using?

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Indeed the needle needs to be long enough, but the diameter can be comfortably thin for most substances.

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This is how my daughter does her insulin which is to be done in the fatty part of the back of her arm. this should work for you as well she just sits on a chair and puts her arm on top of her knee to push the fatty part of her arm out so she can inject into the muscle.Hope this helps :)

also how do you get the inject able Thiamine?

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Trixiedee in reply to RS313

I got it from Germany

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RS313 in reply to Trixiedee

are you in the US? or Germany?

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Trixiedee in reply to RS313

I’m in the UK. Germany is the nearest place I can order it from.

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RS313 in reply to Trixiedee

I probably cant get it here in the US :(

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Juliegrace in reply to RS313

You can get injectable thiamine HCl with a prescription in the US.

It is common to be anxious giving yourself IM injections. First (unlike insulin) thiamine is to be given deep into a large muscle and since you are self administering the logical choice will be the anterior thigh - middle area, slightly outward. The gauge of the needle should be 22-25 gauge. I find the 25 gauge less painful as it is a smaller diameter (hole). The length of your needle will depend on your size. Generally a 1 inch needle will work for an average size adult. If you are nearing 200 pounds or more a 1 1/2 inch needle will be more appropriate. Stretching the skin prior to and as you inject may lessen the discomfort. It may be helpful to practice with injecting water at a 90 degree angle into an orange to get the feel of it (I remember doing this years ago in nursing school and have given thousands of injections since). That said these are general tips. There are You Tube videos you can watch for self injection also. Your provider can also be a resource. Good luck.

Hi Trixiedee,


I've been using the injectable b1 for 4 years now and it's incomparable for the benefits. I still work full time after 8 years from the first strong continuous tremor that since I take the LDopo it is almost zero. I hope it works for you as it worked for me. Here in Italy we are many with this "placebo effect" of b1 for many years. If the injections are a problem, go to the tablets. IMHO also an average dose will work,.

With the pills I have also had benefits with 600 mg before even knowing the Dr. C. Ciao Gio 😀

Excuse my English, I write in Italian and use google traslate.

what dose per week do you use

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