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Disappointed with clinical trials statistics


The following link provides the list of ongoing total 491 clinical trials. The disappointing thing about it is that more than 80% of the trials are L-dopa based. The scientific and medical community is least interested in exploring other means.


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This is sadly the easiest way to make good profit while minimizing the risk.

Wouldn’t it be more accurate to write the following link provides the list of ongoing trials in the United States.?

Farooqji in reply to Hikoi

you are right. research is very much limited outside USA,but the list also provides locations outside US

Hikoi in reply to Farooqji

I dont know how accurate you are about research being limited outside the US. It could be so or it could be ‘fake news’

One organisation in one country


Trials in Aussie through the shakeitup foundation which has partnered with MJF.


.. there are projects in the non English speaking world that we know little about but can be signifcant


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