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Clinical Trial Update

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I wanted to give this forum an update on my participation in the clinical trial at the University of Texas in Houston. I was reluctant to comment before the study was completed but was compelled by my wife to do so. It has been nearly one month since my first infusion, but my family has witnessed some clear improvements.

The first thing that they noticed was my freezing has completely stopped. The next biggest changes are that I no longer have any tremors, my rigidity has lessened, and my gait has improved where I no longer drag my right leg. What I noticed, is my speech has improved along with my vision has become clearer, and my jaw and tongue no longer quiver when I open my mouth.

I only had a 33% chance of receiving the real stem cells on the first leg, so I wasn't expecting anything, but I did notice after 2 two weeks I started feeling a little flushed each day. My blood pressure remained steady, and I temperature was normal, but I remember the Dr. asking me during the infusion how I was feeling and if I felt flushed. Just an observation.

So if I got the Placebo, all I can say is sign me up for another. I am patient 37 out of 45 and I am in the last group. Group 1 has already received their 2nd infusion and mine is scheduled at the end of February. I remain cautiously optimistic and hopeful that this study will prove to be a viable therapy for those who have any form of neuro-degenerative disease, until a complete and effective cure has been has discovered.

I will keep y'all updated.

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OMG! Good news--wishing you continuous improvements!

Please tell us a little more of your "infusion." Thank you

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PB, thanks! I was asking about the infusions, where, how, like an IV?

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Appears to be a simple IV infusion, not brain surgery.


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Bone marrow extraction from a healthy donor was obtained by aspiration under local anesthesia. Testing was performed using FDA-approved licensed kits by Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. MSCs were expanded using a Terumo Quantum Bioreactor29 by the Center for Cell and Gene Therapy of Baylor College of Medicine under current Good Manufacturing Practices designated by the FDA. The total quantity of allo-hMSCs was reached in 3 passages. Thawing was initiated on infusion day, and allo-hMSCs were aliquoted into a 250-mL transfer pack with 5% buminate. Release tests were performed on the pooled cells (purity, viability, cell dose, and microbiological testing).

I am healthy to the best of my knowledge. :)

Thank you for participating in the trial in order to find that “cure” / “treatment”! Please let us know how you feel after your next infusion!

That's very encouraging! Thanks for the update. Please continue to inform us about your experience.

Just a guess, but stem cells are supposed to migrate to wherever they're needed. I had bone marrow injected into my Achilles tendon to heal a tear. In Mexico they inject marrow into a vein in hopes it will migrate to the injured area.

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Did you have any benefit? Or was this recent?

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The treatment with bone marrow was 3 years ago. It never helped but I went to a podiatrist who diagnosed the problem. I had a Heglund's deformity, in essence a tumorous growth jutting from my Achilles tendon. Surgery to remove cured the problem.

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Ah. Thanks.

This is a great news, thank you so much for sharing!

When is this trial ending and when would you get to know the complete trial results?

Thanks again, very encouraging!

Thanks for the information and thanks for participating! 🥊

Sounds a really positive outcome and great that you have achieved this improvement. Encouraging that it is an infusion and a non invasive type of treatment. Please keep us updated.

Thanks for this please keep us updated cheers :)

Thanks for sharing. Please keep this group aware on the progress on the trials. May your results continue to be positive and your progression of PD slowed, even stopped. Look forward to the write up of this one.

Thanks for the information and your participation in the trial. May your improvements continue to be lasting 😀

That is such great news, and thank you so much for sharing! That definitely makes a happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you so much for sharing. It is so important to maintain hope. Take care!

Thank you, for sharing this valuable information! Wishing you continued improvement! I would not think you are in the placebo group!

Please briefly explain what the INFUSION is. Thank you.

Thank You! I hope you continue to do well!

Hopeful news. Is the thought that a couple infusions will do the trick, or is this going to be an ongoing process of regular infusions?

Great news indeed! What is the clinical trial you are referring to?

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jimcaster in reply to lamboman

Fantastic to read and thank you for participating and for posting your remarkable results. Looking forward to reading the next update!

Excellent news!

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