RA and crohn's disease

Hi everyone

I am new to this forum. I was diagnosed witih inflammatory arthritis last May and have a diagnosis of Crohns which I have had about 10 yrs or more. Having difficulty finding medication that will work for both. I don't tolerate MTX so currently only take 12.5 mg / week . Started Humira in late Dec and by the 3rd dose the side effects were awful so that was stopped. My doc is talking with my health ins. company to see what i can get approval for next. The GI doc and the rheum. doc have different opinions on what to try next. Has anyone had side effects on a biologic and then tried another and were successful at tolerating the drug?. Pain is getting worse and I am getting discouraged. Thanks for listening : )

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  • Actimera really helped!! I am on rutuxin now it is helping my RA but not the stomach issues

  • Have you tried any dietary changes and found that to help? Saw GI doc last week and she suggested trying to eliminate sugar so I am trying that and limiting gluten but it's not easy.

    Have you been on many different medications to see what works. The MTX really upsets my Gi system and lots of bowel problems on the lower dose that I am on now. Awaiting approval of another biologic but I doubt that I will tolerate the next one. Trying to stay positive . Doctors here in US seem to really be keen on using the biologics

  • I have to admit your diet does make a difference. When I was first diagnosed I was having a shot of wheat grass & green juice for breakfast. I attempted to avoid sweets & that's my weakness. The heartburn, acid reflux did not exist. I went to see GI doctor & he said I cured myself lol. I'm scheduled for another upper endoscopy & colonoscopy so hopefully that goes well. I have recently reverted back to my junk food ways & that along with my medications has me back on Zantac 😞. I also need to mention anything I eat has turmeric all in it once I heard it helps with inflammation. All jokes aside I just went back to weight watchers & really want to try a gluten free diet.

  • Good luck with your endoscopy and colonoscopy. Hate when I have to go thru that. I know I should do better with diet. Just so hard. I also love sweets and some gluten. My GI doc feels if I get the bowel situation under control then the RA will not be as problematic. Not sure about that though

    Tolerating cimzia (biologic) ok but it does bother my bowel situation Still have pain but not as bad . Think they will need to add another drug as it just doesn't seem like enough Don't have a big appetite so small snacks between meals. Eat lots of fruit and some raw veggies. also take tumeric daily and fish oil, vit d capsule, probiotics generally daily . Trying to increase fish in my diet. thanks for your input

  • I'm on Embrel oncei a week...it works🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅good luck

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