Methotrexate and wine

Hi, I love wine. Not to the point I walk around town swigging from a bottle. But I enjoy a glass or two,past days. And on a Friday maybe more.

I had to stop when I started methotrexate. I could have one or two a week then. And I enjoyed it. But I miss sitting in our outside rockers while my husband had a cocktail and I used to drink wine.

I know I sometimes go over what my doc recommends. But I don't think it is good to play games with my liver this way. So after nearly two years on the methotrexate I am thinking about talking to my doc about stopping it.

I also get rituxan infusions For both the RA and the MS. I cannot go onto many of the RA biologics since side effect can be demylation and my MS already has that covered😜

I feel like I need to go back to grade school so Sister Mary Suffering can smack my hand for daring to question.

But I want to know. Has anyone else been in this position of want to drink wine while on methotrexate? Am I nuts to try to change for a glass of wi e?



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  • Jo, I don't think I have a dog in this fight. You and your doctor should share the pros and cons of that decision. With that said, I can commiserate with you. I was diagnosed with RA last month and have been on MTX for three weeks. One of my best friends is a wine steward of prominence. I miss my wine too! Who will she go to for second opinions for 'wine steward's choice' picks?😉


  • While I don't drink it daily, I do indulge in a glass when we go out or occasionally on a weekend. My liver tests haven't reflected anything abnormal.

  • I have no problems with white wine, bubbly and even whisky. I know because I had a fair amount at the weekend at a fabulous extended family gathering. That's not to say I went mad, but I did enjoy a glass or two or three... As well as a couple of doubles of laphroaig. Both Fri and Sat... No adverse reaction whatsoever.

    On the other hand red wine gives an almost instant reaction. Like last night I had just one glass of rioja and I was in total agony all night...

  • It is OK to have a glass of wine or alcohol occasionally, probably even 1every week. Have you tried any non alcoholic beverages? I know they have beer with no alcohol, and sparkling cider. I know how you feel, as I smoke cigarettes, am supposed to stop, and haven't yet. Good luck!

  • Thank you for your responses! I appreciate it! I think I will talk to my doc. Obviously I have been worrying about it so I have to pull on the big girl panties and have the embarrassing conversation. SisterMary of Deep Sorrows is not actually hiding in my docs exam room closet. Big breadth and go!

    Btw mamadukes I also had to quit smoking. Very tough. Not sure this helps.....I did it by limiting situations (light up with coffee) where I liked to smoke and that, over time, really did significantly lessened but did not eliminate. I did cut back from close to a pack a day to under ten a day.

    Then I happened to be trying acupuncture for tummy discomfort and joint pain. Lightening bolt !!! I asked him if he could help me quit and he did. The acupuncturistut a tiny needle in part of my outer ear If I felt the pull of a cigarette I could press on the needle to get extra help He replaced the ear needle with a fresh one each week it worked!!! It's about 4 months now

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for the info! May have to try that. I was down to 10 a day, from a pack a day, doing what you said. But then life happened, Stress..... I know I need to quit, its so hard😕 There's just so many life changes with this f$#%ing disease😡

  • I know when I was first diagnosed with RA I was practically eating cigarettes. My dad was visiting and note I seemed to be smoking an awful lot shouldn't I maybe cut back or even quit.

    I barked at him. Felt terrible for barking not for continuing to smoke though. Especially then. Too much life change going too fast and I felt I needed my cigarettes then.

  • i can't stop smoking either its so tough as we're under so much stress with the RA and smoking is my vice for stress.

  • Yes, coffee and a cig are my way to relax. I went to a therapist last week, and she's going to try hypnosis and acupressure. I hope it helps with the stress too. I'll keep you posted!

  • Best of luck ! It is tough, getting some help is smart.

  • thanks!

  • Methotrexate is small dose chemotherapy! Is this chemical helping cancer patients?

    I have RA take no RXs

    Clean food

    Fermented food "wine ,beer ect" good

    Man made chemicals bad for autoimmune

    Why do you think you need the blood test every 3 months!

    To check when your body starts to react to the poison and the need to use you more for cash!

    Just tell them you want off the steroids! See how long it takes to safety take it away

    Watch the show

    Robin Williams: Last Hours

    I call it medicide

    no thank you

  • I do enjoy wine and beer too. As long as I don't go crazy drinking my Rhumy has no problem with me enjoying one or two now and then. I have blood work done every 3 months and so far so good for my liver.

    Don't be afraid to enjoy a glass of wine now and then, after all you need to be able to enjoy life too

  • No, I too have this problem. Until I can get the disease under control I have to abide by the rules, lol. Living with RA means we have to give up a lot of stuff, so if we have something we really love, fight for it. Good luck.

  • I'm also on MTX & It's super hard for me. My husband is in the beer lots of free social events & he comes home with beer samples weekly. AND, I LOVE beer! I'll have 1-2 on the weekends (sometimes I'm bad and have 3). But then I try to counter act the alcohol with a gallon of water. I figure the water's gotta help the liver?? I also miss whiskey on a cold winter day but gave up liquor completely. My husband loves that I'm his DD--so there is a pro to this--cheaper cap fares!

    I've thought about talking to my doc about changing meds too, but MTX is working well for me...too scared to switch. Also, even if I did switch, I wouldn't be able to drink more than I do now without feeling like swollen poo poo (due to the amount of sugar in alcohol). I'll just keep to my 1-2 per week, gallons of water & getting blood work done every 3 months. PS- So far so good.

  • Thanks for your note. It made me smile and provided good advice.

  • Methotrexate is a chemo drug, and hugely causes your immune system to be supressed, and effects everything from liver function to inducing other conditions such as fibromyalga and other chronic diseases by interfering with your immune system and other body functions, Most end up refusing this drug, as they are infused by more and more health failure frim this highly toxic drug. Drs try to keep you on this by suggesting injections that stay at toxic levels for many weeks at a time. Please read the extremely dangerous warnings of this drug (the reason for close blood work while on this drug whuch can be fatal) on your pharmaceudical literature. This drug should never be taken with alcohol of any kind, and will contribute to failure of liver enzymes, causes lymphoma and leukemias (blood cancer) and other irreversable conditions that cintribute to failure of body organs and systems. This highly toxic and even fatal drug helps very few, and most do not continue this chemo health and life destroying drug beyond 3 months,

  • Your note got me thinking. And as of yesterday I started the Addison program to see if I can get and stay healthy without methotrexate and rituxan.

  • No you're not nuts . I did have a beer once and it made me feel like I took a mickey. So I asked two pharmacists. They both said no. So I try to follow and not play with it.

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