Splitting methotrexate dose?

Hi all,

Ive been on methotrexatefor about 6 months now. At fitst i didnt have any side effects other than fatigue but abouy a month ago i started noy being able to stomach it. The doc told me to split the dose 3 pills after lunch 3 pills after dinner. But that didn't work either.

I decided to try splitting it farther apart over 24 period. Do you think im messing with my health and this is dangerous or its fine as long as i just take the prescribed dose 1once a week ?

BTW when i split it by 24h i haf no side effects at all.

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  • Ask your doctor for injectable mtx instead. More efficient with less side effects. What dose are you on? May be that your current dose is too high?

  • Hi, I have been taking it also for 2years now and the only way I'm doing is splitting it within the 24 hours.

  • I take 15mg - 6 pills of 2.5mg - and I split over 24 hours. My Dr said it is perfectly fine as long as you take it within 24 hrrs. I take 3 at dinner Monday and then again at dinner Tuesday. Always with food & lots of water. No stomach problems. Have been on MTHX for about 8-9 months. If you can keep up exercise it really helps.Good luck!

  • I also took it split through out a 12 hr period but only got up to 15 mg day. Doc said that was fine. Awhile back I read a study that it works fine doing it that way

    Many people choose to inject the med too

  • I would ask to try injections no nausea for me since changing

  • Of course, talk with your RA doc. My experience with splitting methotrexate doses has been good. I am on Omiprazole for stomach troubles as a side effect. I take this in the morning. After breakfast I take 3 tabs and after lunch I take 4. My doc said I can take with a meal or for better absorption on an empty stomach. I have been on this schedule for many years without problems. Again, talk to your doc about over what period of time you can split the doses. Good luck.

  • Don't worry I have been doing the same thing. My doctor told me it was okay.Sometimes I split it up in three days.

  • I've been on methotrexate for 12 weeks 20 mg weekly and in the last 3 weeks I'm suffering with blisters in my mouth and so tired can't see specialist until 27/06 was going to ask for injection form

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