Introduction to my RA

I have had RA for 6 years. Initially, my symptoms were quite problematic. I had fatigue low grade fevers, achy swollen hands and quickly some joint damage and deformity. When a rheumatologist was suggested, I finally got lucky. I was put on methotrexate and folic acid as well as lots and lots of Advil. I began to feel much better after 2 months. My rheumatologist was still not happy with how my hands looked so Embrel was added. I then went off Enbril and added Humira. I did well for several years on this protocol. Last winter I had a sinus infection that just would not quit even with two rounds of antibiotic. I took no medication for 2 months. Once the infection cleared I went back to Humira only. My rheumatologist said I could stop the Methotrexate, which I did. Soon I got a little flare with soreness in my legs feet and sometimes hands. I guess that 5 months off Methotrexate is all I can do. I have now gone back on a very low dose of Methotrexate which I hate due to side effects of hives and night sweats. Despite my recent problems I am still able to work part time and volunteer in our community. I am probably one of the luckier ones with RA.

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  • Hi, I am new here, we have similar stories it sounds like. I just restarted my Humira after bladder inflection, and had to stop few months earlier from pharyngitis. I've only been on Humira since last year and it does make me feel a bit better but I've learned I must stay on methotrexate. I'm 45 and started methotrexate when I was 30 for psoriatic arthritis and now they tell me I have RA too. I have to see ear nose throat doc soon and worried they have to take my tonsils cause I have a lesion on my lung from something and my tonsils are enlarged often. Gave you found your teeth brittle from methotrexate?

  • Yes between the Methotrexate, plaquenil, and Remicaid infusion I have been losing my hair and my teeth are starting to crumble 1-2 at a time, I've had RA since 2009 and been taking all these Meds since, this just started over the past year. Cat

  • I'm sorry you are also having teeth problems. I gave a lesion on my lung that could be from the bacteria, ughh I don't have dental insurance.

  • Did your hands return to normal or stayed deformed?

  • My hands are better since stopping work and staying on methotrexate. My wrists get stiff once in a while but the medication has really improved my hands. I wish I could say the same for my spine.

  • Sorry it took me so long to reply, I gave been sick with some time of a bfection in my body they are still figuring out.

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