Another autoimmune disease, gahhhhh

Hi! Recently diagnosed with RA.

I can barely get around and the pain is crazy.

I'm going to see a Rheumatologist on the 19th, which can't come soon enough!

I fought for 18 years with Myasthenia Gravis and I'm finally in remission only for this to happen.

I've lost the pep in my step and I'm praying the Rheumatologist will help me.

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  • Hopefully, your Rheumatologist can help you sooner than later. I've been on a long road. I have several auto immune issues. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (connective tissue disorder), Fibromyalgia, and RA... When I have bad days, they are REALLY bad days. Currently I'm fighting hip bursitis which has aggravated my hip joint. Try to get your rest until you get to see your doctor. You've got this! People with this horrible disease are some of the strongest people that I know.

  • Thank you, I need all the help I can get. I hope your bursitis will clear up soon for you.

  • Make sure they do a full panel of blood tests to get it right. I was on prednisone to take the edge off . Then went to methotrexate and folic acid twice a day. I am able to function better . Meloxicam is also good as a backup when your inflammation gets bad. I take one as needed. Not daily.

  • Thank you.

    My pcp did a full panel, but I'm sure the Rheumatologist will do more.

    I was taking the Maloxican for a few weeks and it was giving me to many side effects.

    As far as steroids, I'm going to try to stay away. I've been on them for 18 years and I was finally able to wean off a couple months ago. I was taking it for my other autoimmune disease that is finally in remission. The steroids did a number on me and if I can I want to stay away from them.

    Today was the first semi normal day I've had in a long time. The pain wasn't as prominent as it typically is.

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