Frustration and depression

Hi all. I have just been diagnosed with RA in January of this year but been dealing with the pain and have known something was wrong for the last 2.5 years. My past doctors just didn't believe me and refused to test me because I am only 30 and I deal with pain very well, so I've been told. I started Methotrexate in February and it helps some but I'm still in alot of pain. I also have alot of muscle pain, brain fog, confusion, exhaustion, and sleep problems. I'm not sure what's going on with me. My rheumatologist told me it takes a while for the meds to kick but I'm not feeling very confident in that. I feel so bad for my family because I can not do much with them and my fiance has to pick up alot of the slack while working overtime to provide for our family. I've been pretty depressed lately and am wondering if this might have anything to do with my pain but when I mention it to my doctors they don't seem to listen. I'm just really frustrated and thought I would have made more progress then this. So I've decided to join this group to receive some encouraging words and some advice. Thank you all

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  • You need to be proactive with your doctor. This means making them listen or change them. Depression is a serious part of this disease because RA affects all parts of your body. You feel like you always have the flu. I have not been able to sleep more than 2 hours for over a year and because I have arthritis in my throat I have to sleep sitting up. The RA has attacked my lungs and heart and for the last year I thought the worst was the joint pain that Humira was not helping. I was very wrong and ended up in the hospital in March because of organizing pneumonia due to my RA. 

    You need to research everything about RA, Facebook has some groups, and you need to let your doctor know the choice to treat is not working for you. Nothing completely takes symptoms away but it can be lessened. I go to see about infusions next.

    Believe me there are days I can barely use my hands and then there are better days. Dealing with the depression is very important---now. 

  • I cannot take methotrexate. It kept great big blisters in my mouth, I threw up constantly, lost 65 pounds in nine months and all I wanted to do was sleep. If your experiencing any of these symptoms it could possibly be the methotrexate. I don't understand why dr's don't want to believe us. These days I truly believe dr's think everyone wants pain med and shrugs the ones in true pain off. Are you seeing a ra dr now?  

  • I do have all those symptoms. I get painful sores in my mouth and on my lip. The ones in my lips seem to come when I take my meds and start my menstrual cycle. They are so painful and I now have scarred lips from them. I do see an RA doctor but I am moving an hour and a half away so I'm searching for a new one and a new primary doctor. I also deal with depression and anxiety so I want to get started on antidepressants soon but don't know if they'll counteract with the methotrexate. I feel like they just give you something and don't really care with how you feel and get real answers. I also have a feeling I have fibromyalgia. I know my body very well and something is not right. Hopefully when I get new doctors they'll believe me.

  • Do you split your dose by taking 1/2 in the morning and the rest in the evening? This helps with nausea. Also taking methotrexate with food helps.

  • I think that its is pain depresstion cuz I have that too sometimes resently got on ssi for my RA pain.

  • Idk if tats what it is. ve never had pain depression before and I've been dealing with depression since I was a child. And it's not just minor pain it's excruciating pain to the point where it drives me crazy. 

  • Pain and dealing with pain can cause depression.

  • Oh my goodness.  You just described my life.  I feel like I'm trudging through sand just to get through every single day.  I'm 44 and have lived an active productive life until the last 5 years.  Everything is now a challenge.  I just had to leave a job because the depression, fatigue and pain are so bad.   I was absent more than I was there and the stress of a verbally abusive boss just made everything worse.  I'm in my last two weeks and actually called in sick today.  I feel bad for doing it but my anxiety was so bad I felt like throwing up as soon as I got out of bed.  Of course I feel guilty and know should have gone but I guess that's the impact abusers are after; isn't it.

  • You need to take Cymbalta it does not contraindicated with Methotrexate (I take both). My rheumatologist said the Cymbalta treats the depression and Fibromyalgia pain. When I started Cymbalta night and day difference. Within a week I felt so much better. If the Methotrexate is not doing enough you can combine it with a biologic or if you are having problems with it, like the sores, tell your doc you want to switch. If he's not listening you need a different doc. That said, my doc told me it takes up to 3 months for each medication to reach optimum saturation point in your system. If you have no/very little relief within 1 month ask to switch. It took me 18 months of very aggressive treatment with a wide combination to reach the point I am at now. Has your doctor given you steroids to help you with the pain as you switch the meds? Praying you can find some pain free days, please don't take this depression lightly! See a doctor and get some help. RA is an awful disease that takes a long time to come to terms with.

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