Hi my name is Amanda

Hi my name is Amanda

Hi there, I have been dealing with RA for about 2yrs now and am finally seeing a good rheumatologist this Monday. I am a little scared about all the medications people with RA are prescribed; I especially do not want to take a steroid. Being the sole care taker for my 2 year old son day in and out I am especially nervous about side effects. Boy, I guess I am just REAL nervous about having a disease.... As I should be?!

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  • If you are plannlng to purchase long term care lnsurance or life insurance do not let dr prescrlbe methatroxate until after ins is purchased. Otherwise you will be turned down for coverage by most carriers

  • Such good info! Thanks for the heads up since my husband and I are looking into life insurance right now.

  • Hi, was diagnosed almost 6 years ago and have been on a combination of methotrexate and Enbrel for about 5 years. The side effects of both of these meds have more to do with possible long range effects on your kidneys, etc. not every day effects that would affect taking care of your young son. If you follow all precautions such as limiting alcohol and sun exposure, you should be fine. Also, they have found over time that some of the side effects are very rare. After 5 years on this combination, I sometimes forget I have RA. No real pain, just some stiffness and I'm a young 61. Best of luck and don't lose heart!

  • I am so happy to hear that you found a great plan that works for you so well! I hope to find the same so I can get on with living and being healthy! :)

  • I have been on steroids for years and find the side effects are preferable to the pain. RA takes courage!

  • I had a horrible reaction to steroids when younger so don't think I'll be able to take those - we will see what happens. I know it's all a medication cocktail for each person. Glad you have something that works for you! :)

  • Thanks everyone for the info! It's good to be able to get advice from people who have the disease.

  • Hi Amanda. I understand your reluctance to take drugs prescribed. I am unable to take any of them But steroids ; which I do not like however its my only option. I have researched every R.A. drug prescribed and they are all very dangerous. Glen Fry; (the Eagles) just passed away from the side effects of the drugs; he had R.A. too. do the best you can and research everything he throws at you before you take it. know there is little time with being a single mother however you will be surprised to find side effects you do not want in your life. The pred is not good for us either; it is just the lesser of the evils with this . hugs

  • Hi Amanda

    Methotrexate is a very strong drug do not let people tell you it dosen't some people would rather live with the pain instead of the side effects of these drugs.Good Luck

  • It's def hard when ur first dx. It's a scary disease. My advice is be aggressive as u can be bc if u get sicker it'll be harder to be a single mom. The meds r scary but the disease when it gets bad is even scarier.

  • Luckily I have an amazing husband to help me! He does have to work ALOT and the rest of family and friends just DO NOT understanding what I am going through. I guess we can just be as educated as we can about our disease so we CAN be aggressive! Hope you're doing well :)

  • Hi Amanda! I too was recently diagnosed with RA, though I have been suffering from the disease for over 15 yrs unable to keep medical insurance long enough to have it officially diagnosed. I too was worried about the side effects of the different medications, however someone said something to me that I had to admit was true... They said to me "All medications have side effects!" Well that's very true, in fact I read on the side effects list that some antibiotics can cause a hairy black tongue as a temporary side effect!!! Gross!!! That was actually listed with the papers the pharmacy sends home lol The reality is that most medications have a wide variety of POTENTIAL side effects. I say potential, because that's what they are, possibilities....what they aren't is a surety. In most cases the side effects that do occur are not dangerous and usually mild and go away after your body is used to them, and the more severe ones tend to be rather rare. Talking with your Rheumatologist about your concerns with different medications will ease your mind! Being upfront about all of your medical history, even things you may think aren't related or the medications you take including over the counter is important in order to ensure you are prescribed the right medications and treatment! Your Dr. will keep a close eye on your labs and symptoms to ensure all is going well and you should always contact your Dr if anything concerning comes up. Cancer patients have to take really dangerous drugs to kill the cancers but they do it because the benefits outweigh the risks! RA is a serious disease that can even effect the heart and lungs which can be serious. The purpose of these medications is to prevent the progression and further damage of this disease and your Dr will decide what risks are worth the taking. Heart disease is a real threat for people with RA and that is why it is so important to get the disease under control, not to mention to prevent further joint destruction that can lead to future disabilities 🙂 Talk to your Dr and keep prayer as a big part of your daily routine and God will look out for you! He knows you have a precious little one to care for 🙂

  • Aaaand if you have had a bad reaction to a particular steroid be sure to tell your doctor as well 😉

  • Hi Amanda, how did your appointment go today? I hope better!!!!

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