Low dose naltrexone, collagen, & other alternatives

Please see my posts in the NRAS community.  I can't repeat everything here, but I have LONG posts there!  I'm posting here because I live in N California & hope I can tie in with other RD folks in my area, particularly those trying alternatives (or complements) to steroids, mainstream DMARD's, & biologics.  We all need to learn from each other.

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  • how do I access your posts in the nras community ?; I have no smartphone if that is what it takes.

    my issue here is with the poisons in the traditional meds and biologic s traditional drs. are prescribing. as it is; my immune system is compromised and the majority of what rheum prescribes ; my body is unable to tolerate. this new dr told me to research this drug; sulfasalazie; its an antibiotic base ! anyone out there know the horrors of c- diff ; that is caused by overload of antibiotics ?

    I am interested in alternative therapy for myself. I live in central texas ; austin/san antonio area and so would not tie in with folks in your area. however this is the only post I have seen that mention alternative therapies.

    thanks so much

  • Click on my name.  That will take you to the Posts (threads I've started) and Replies, regardless of community.  (You'll see I also posted in the PMR community because that's what I thought I had first.  But I didn't start LDN until after the RD diagnosis, so NRAS is where the real info is.)

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