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Windy that’s me

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I am new to this ulcerative colitis, I am waiting for my consultant to ring next week , but I don’t know what to expect. If anybody could give me their expecteas. I would be very grateful, thankyou for giving me your time.janex

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Hi Teapot I have had UC for 50 years and no one can say it's a pleasant illness but treatment has improved so much and so much more is known about it, and people live relatively normal lives.

My best advice is don't be too hard on yourself when the UC is active and get plenty of rest as you can get tired quite easily. Also don't be embarrassed about letting people know that you need the toilet frequently, it isn't contagious !! Just be guided by your Consultant.

The Colitis and Chromes disease website is also a great source of help and information.

Good luck to you and God bless.

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Teapot66 in reply to Dalebury

Dale bury thankyou for replying to my post,janex

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Teapot66 in reply to Dalebury

Thankyou dalebury for taking the time to reply back to me. Loveteapotxx

I've had UC since I was 12 years old and that's a long time ago (over 50 years ago!).

So when on regular meds (can take a while to find the right one) you can remain in remission and life goes on as normal, if a flare up happens upping the meds or going onto something stronger temporarily should hopefully sort it.

Expect regular colonoscopies to keep an eye on inflammation and if you are lucky enough to have an IBD nurse at your hospital clinic be sure to call them with any worries.

Diet wise, there is no diet that suits everyone, you will find out what you can and can't eat, personally I rarely eat fruit and veg and definitely no spicy or high fibre foods ! what is perceived to be an unhealthy diet is what suits me best so I don't worry about it !

Good luck 😉

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Teapot66 in reply to bantam12

Thankyou for taking time to reply to my letter,you were so helpful.

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Alien65 in reply to Teapot66

Hi please don't stress that makes things worse you will have a few different tests and try different meds my crohns is under control after surgery and meds , but I have to wach out for foods that hard to digest like seeds , nuts fruit and veg with skins . I have to peel apple I can then eat them . Join the crohns & colitis society plenty info and help good luck

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Teapot66 in reply to Alien65

Thankyou for replying to my post.

I have Crohn's, so the one thing I will add to above, is that the Can't Wait card I got from Crohn's and Colitis UK was invaluable, allowed me to feel more comfortable when out doing things like shopping, if my condition was grumbling. They also have information on the Radar Key, which gives access to the special toilets for disabled people, their site is crohn'

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Teapot66 in reply to SORRELHIPPO

Thankyou very much for your welcome advicexjane

Hi Teapot66,

I am equally new to UC having started 'flare up' symptoms just 2 months ago but something I did find helpful in terms of not spending vast amounts of time in the toilet was to continue the low residue diet that people have to go on prior to a colonoscopy. It meant swapping high fibre foods for low such as white bread, pasta, rice etc.. in my case I do make sure I am getting a 'balance' from other foods such as well cooked veg, some dairy and lean meats and fish. The gastro consultant did mention there is no evidence to suggest a change of diet will lessen symptoms so I did a bit of research on my own and it is not conclusive, however others on these sites do find changing diet (to an extent) helpful.

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Teapot66 in reply to Frasina

Thankyou for replying to me , yes I think. That your right to go that path and hopefully keep symptoms in check.hope you go on ok my consultant is getting in touch later today .So l should know more later.

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