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Hi all,

I work in a school and take prednisolone. I’ve been social distancing since Friday. Are those taking this being told to do this for the 12 weeks? Thanks.

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Hi there. Hope you are keeping well especially during this difficult time. I'm no longer on Prednisolone but my Consultant did tell me that my immune system would be lower for up to a year. As far as I can see from looking into Prednisolone I think it really depends on what condition it's being treated for. If you have any condition that affects lungs for e.g. You may be classed as being in a vulnerable group. The best thing to do would be to contact your doctor and enquire about your individual case.

If you are already practicing social distancing as we all should, or isolating then they are good measures to take.

Good luck and stay healthy and safe out there!

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