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Advice please

Hi ya. 3 years ago I had a ruptured appendix and developed scepsis. Been ill for most those years with various things.

Last 9 months though,mainly after a bit of a binge drink (happens other times also) I go to the toilet,have the runs really bad and bright red blood literally pours out my backside. It goes everywhere whilst trying to stop this. Dont know how much I lose everytime.

Other symptoms i get is,stomach cramps,sometimes knocks me off my feet,always lower right abdomen.

Constantly fatigued

Weight uo and down,gaunt face sunken eyes when having a flare up.

Ive had numerous bloodtests. Platelets and WBC are on the low side.

I had a colonoscopy 12 months ago and it was brutal. I howled the whole time,felt like a hot rod being pushed through me even though i was under sedation.

They had to pull it out before the end (no reason given)

All Im wondering is could this be crohns and the doctors are just fobbing me off?

Or maybe just hemmeroids causing so much blood.

Thank you

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Hi Walsalltommy, I also had a ruptured appendix just over 2 years ago but it was removed in the nick of time before sepsis. A few weeks after the op my system hadn't settled down to normal, so had a colonoscopy and ulcerative colitis was diagnosed. I'm working my way through all of the drug treatments, so far without much success! Did they find anything from your colonoscopy even if it was not completed? Have they tried MRI or CT scanning to inspect your bowel? Any bleeding such as yours needs investigating further. Are you on any meds? Do any particular foods or drinks make it worse? Keep going back until they find answers. Good luck!


HI ya. Thanks for the reply. Ive had a CT on my abdomen which was fine. Never had one on my bowels though,just the colonoscopy. No they never found anything. I know something isnt right,doctors have only diagnosed me with chronic fatigue. No foods really make it worse in all fairness


Do you get sickness with it too?


I get a bit nauseous but never sickness. Thank you.



The CT abdo you had will include bowels. IBD when in a flare will show high inflammatory markers in your blood, as well as deficiencies in some proteins, vitamins, minerals etc

Ask your Dr if they can send a faecal calprotectin off. this will show if there is any inflammation specific to the bowel.

also alcohol is a huge irritant to the gut, even people without bowel probs can have diarrhoea for a day or 2 after a heavy session. Please dont think Im saying dont drink - I enjoy a G&T (or 2!) but drink in moderation.

Bleeding haemorrhoids are a nuisance and can bleed a lot . Has the Dr not given you any treatment to try and shrink them?

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Hi ya. I get diarrhoea quite a lot,even when ive refrained from drinking for a while. The bleeding and occasional cramping is just a nightmare. I was at work Saturday morning and after a bowel movement the toilet water turned red. Everytime I tried to stop the bleed with tissue,my hands were covered in blood . I tried standing at it was pouring all over the floor. I have to put toilet paper in between my cheeks to try to stop it. (Sorry for being graphic). I can lose weight and my eyes sink really bad,the fatigue is unreal also. I was told After the excruciating colonoscopy that the left side of my colon was narrow thats maybe it was so painful. That maybe to do with the abscesses after my appendix ruptured. Not had any treatments at all. Im back to see the gastro specialist end of next month.



Dont worry about graphic to me - Im a nurse, and trust me nothing shocks me now lol

It def sounds as you have a stricture, it could be from scar tissue too following ruptured appendix/abscesses.

You may be anaemic, esp of your losing that amount of blood. be careful if trying iron supplements tho as these can cause abdo pain and changes in stools.

have you done a faecal calprotectin test? if not it may be worth phoning your consultant secretary/ or see GP and ask if this can be done prior to your appointment. Also you def need something for the haemorrhoids, creams can be applied to internal ones via a small applicator

Fingers crossed for you x


Really appreciate your advice. Actually,thinking back,My doctor examined me before and said I had no signs of hemmeroids,but he prescribed me suppositories anyways which done nothing for me.

I was thinking strictures or adhesions also from that ongoing cramp pain that takes my breath away when it happens.

Ive never had any feacal tests. I will definitely ask for one before I go to my G.P .

Thank you again.


No prob, we all here to offer and share advice as well as reach out to one another x


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