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Hi. Im looking for some advice please. My son is almost 22 and has had stomach probs for a few years on & off. Intermitent bouts of diarrohea- we werent sure if he was intolerant to dairy?.. dont think he is. Over the past couple of years, he has had 2 fistulas. V painful for him to deal with. They took months to heal and he had to have a couple of small ops on them. The past 10 days hes felt under the weather and has been having pains in his stomach. This wkend hes also off his food and tho v tired, isnt sleeping well with the constant pain coming and going. Hes not had any diarrohea. Hes going to docs tmz, but does anyone think this sounds like crohns? I have ibs and other digestive probs, but nothing i have is lije he has at the mo. Thanku for reading. Ill be grateful for Any suggestions.

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  • It certainly sounds suspiciously like crohns with having fistulas. Has your son had bloods to check his inflammatory markers? The other non invasive test that is useful to determine inflammatory bowel probs is a faecal calprotectin test. This is a stool sample that highlights any inflammation in the bowel.

    Any further questions then please ask x

  • Thanku so much 4 ur reply.😊 hes going on monday for blood tests. Tomorrow we are going to the hosputal as the doc has ordered an emergency scan coz his stomach is so tender. Hes given 2 stool samples in. We go bk to the docs for results 2 weeks today. Im totally certain its crohns. Hes in a lot of pain most of the time at the mo. No energy. Do flare ups last long?? Hate not being able to do anything for him.

  • Hi. Just 1 more question..sorry! My sons been to hosp today for his scan and had various bloods taken. Hes given his stool samples in as well. Just got to wait for results a week on tues now. If it IS crohns (which every symptom is pointing at) how long do attacks/flare ups usually last for? Hes been ill for around 2 and a half weeks now. Hes barely moving/talking/eating.

  • Flare ups can last any amount of time to be honest. They can be triggered by stress or even a common cold. I imagine he isn't eating a lot due to symptoms. whilst it is understandable to worry about not getting the right amount of vitamins etc and eating healthy foods (or at least trying to) I would recommend a low residue diet - white rice, potatoes, white fish, chicken etc. these foods are very low in fibre so the bowel doesn't have to work hard to break it down.

    Also drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated is very important.

    The stool sample may well have been for checking for bugs such as salmonella and for illnesses such as norovirus.

    As this has gone on for over 2 weeks its unlikely to be food or virus related. Obviously these are the more usual causes and hence why GP's rule that all out first.

    Your GP is obviously on the ball tho to send for a scan so quickly, so hopefully a diagnosis will be sooner rather than later.

    Good Luck x

  • Thankyou for all ur sound advice. He was admitted into hospital last night and we got the crohns diagnosis. We will take every day as it comes. Thanks again. 😊

  • No Prob. Now at least they can start the right medication. It can take a little while to take effect so dont be disheartened if no 'overnight' recovery.

    Any questions or advice you may need please dont hesitate to ask x

  • Thanku so v much. X

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