What happened when I started Humira!

Well I started Humira injections and within five hours took an allergic reaction to the drug. I was ill at home for four days and then spent five days in hospital on an antibiotic drip. I am now fully recovered but am devastated that Humira didn't work for me!!!! Back on steroids until the consultant decides what to try next with me. Am also off the methotrexate injections that I have been taking for two years and have noticed right away my ankles are no longer swollen and skin problems have disappeared, obviously side effects of taking the methotrexate. It seems everything I take has a side effect!!!!! Am back to being in the toilet 5 to 15 times every morning and a few times during the night. Tommy

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  • I'm sorry to hear that Tommy, my Humira is in the fridge waiting for me to try!!! I wonder why some people are finecwithbit and others are not!! The Azathropine poisened me after 3 weeks!! I felt so poorly I had a paramedic at my house. He was so lovely, he gave me anti sickness drugs and fluids. He said I'd be better off staying at home rather than in the corridor at the hospital and call them again if I needed too. I ended up in hospital anyway 5 days later due to an abcess because of my Crohn's. I know you must be gutted because you were so excited about the Humira. My doctor told me there were 6 drugs to try!! If they don't work there is one more but they won't try it unless the others fail because of the cost!!! If I had the money I'd pay for it myself. I hope your feeling a bit better now. I pray so hard that a cure is found soon for autoimmune diseases🙏🏻

  • Hello, I was only just diagnosed with Crohns after years and years and years of misdiagnose with IBS-D.

    I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Humara was the first biologic I tried. I also had a serious allergic reaction. I tried Enbrel next and it worked for awhile, then started to fail, so I am on a 6 day injection regime and it's working well. However Enbrel which is a very similar biologics is not designated for Crohns. I'm not exactly sure why, they are very similar, Humira is made with animal protein ( mouse) and Enbrel is made with human protein, but they are same class of biologics TNF blockers.

    I was put on Entocort for my Crohns. I am having good luck so far, but I haven't been taking it long enough to know it's full effects.

    Sorry the Humira didn't work for you, I know the disappointment, but there are other drugs to try, just because you are allergic to one biologic doesn't mean your allergic to them all. Keep trying, and don't give up hope.

    Sending a warm hello! From Canada.

  • Thank you so much for your letter, it gives me hope! Became very down after the Humira didn't work but have picked myself up and am feeling a lot better now. It's so good to hear other people's stories, helps a great deal. Thank you and good luck with your treatment.

    Kind regards Tommy

  • I am sorry to hear that see if you can get entyvio infusions I had an allergic reaction to remicade infusion so now I on entyvio infusions

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